Buy Solar Panels Cheap. Get Your Own Power Plant For Less Than $ 200!

Are you looking to buy solar panels? Don't !!! You can build them yourself, right at your home, and that too for less than $ 200! You can do the smart thing and get yourself a solar panel and wind turbine kit, and assemble your personal power plant !
By: Free Energy
Sept. 29, 2009 - PRLog -- If you're looking to buy solar panels, don't get them just yet. Instead of spending thousands on getting yourself solar panels, and then hiring out experts to come put it together for you, make the smarter move. Get yourself a solar panel and wind turbine building kit, and build your own little power, under $200!

I bet you didn't know that you could build your own solar panel with materials you could find in your local hardware store! And let me also tell you why you didn't know this. Ever since these technologies have been discovered, the power companies have been spending a lot of time and money in trying to convince the people that these things don't work! Of course they'll be saying that! Every man that puts up a power plant in is backyard, is cutting their revenue by leaps and bounds. In fact, it has been found that by using solar power kits to generate youre own power, you can cut your power bill by as much as 80% !!

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If you're worried that it'll be difficult to build solar panels, stop now ! The kit I'm telling you about has easy to follow step by step images and instructional videos to ease the process of installation.

Do i need to buy solar panels to reduce my power bill ?

Absolutely not ! That would be a very silly thing to do indeed ! Why would you go and buy solar panels, when you can build solar panels, right in your backyard using everyday materials ?!

Don't believe me ? Let me give you a list of all that you'll need to build solar panels.
Here it is -

A small sheet (about half a square foot) of copper flashing. You can normally get these at any hardware store. These are usually pretty cheap, and cost about $ 5 per square foot.
Two alligator clip leads.
A small micro-ammeter which can read currents between 10-50 microamperes. You can get these at any small radio shack or such.
An electric stove. Assuming that you don't already have one, you'll have to pay a maximum of $20-25 to get a small single heater stove.
A large clear plastic bottle off of which you can cut the top. A 2 liter spring water bottle will also do
Table salt. We will want a couple tablespoons of salt.
Tap water.
Sand paper or a wire brush on an electric drill.
Sheet metal shears for cutting the copper sheet.

This is all that you need to get yourself a small solar power generator. The kit will teach you about some other materials which are much, much, much more powerful at generating solar power. Yet again, you'll be able to find all these without even breaking a sweat.

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Benefits of getting my own solar power generator ?

Let me give you an example of my friend. Last year, i convinced him to get a kit for himself rather than going to the market to buy solar panels. He used the kit for about 6 months, and was so happy with the result that he got 2 more !

Today, he not only generates enough energy to power his home entirely, but he also sells the surplus power back to the power company for about $ 150 a month!! He made his entire investment back in 4 months. After that, all the he's been earning has been going into his own pocket.

If you want to follow Brad's example and reduce your dependency on conventional power to light your homes, get your own kit and build your own solar panels.

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Thanks for your time !

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