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Sweatbands can be used as an awesome promotional item. Learn how to use them to promote your cause!
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Sept. 21, 2009 - PRLog -- Sweatbands were extremely popular in the 80’s…wait a minute, they never died out. We still see superstars wearing them today. Whether it be James Hetfield of the famous metal group Metallica or tennis guru Andre Agassi. They show up everywhere in pop culture, but where are these sweatbands coming from? The cool thing about sweatbands is, unlike the 80’s, they can now be customized and mass produced. This means when it comes to promoting your event, sports team, band, etc, it has become extremely easy to get your hands on these. You can now submit your design and make your own sweatbands.

Sweatbands as Promotional Items

When choosing promotional items it’s important to pick something that is easily wearable and re-usable. For example if you make a funky hat chances are people aren’t going to wear it outside of your event. However, picking promotional products that can be worn over and over is powerful.  One example of this would be a custom sweatband as a promo item. Chances are very good that they will wear the sweatband over and over again because it is so light weight and convenient. Other products will not have the same power and portability. Imagine your event it going wild and music is blaring. Everyone is having a great time and now you grab the microphone to throw out some promotional products as a bonus. When you throw a sweat band into the crowd 9 times out of 10 the person who catches it will put it on. This is powerful because they wear your brand all day.

Use Sweatbands for Your Sports Team

Soccer, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, lacrosse, and you name it; sweatbands are great for these sports. Sure, they are great for style, but they are also a great sweat absorbent. When a sweat band prevents sweat from dripping onto your hands so that you cleanly catch the basketball for a lay-up in the final seconds of a game and it also looks great, that’s when it truly serves it purpose. Wrist sweatbands as well as head sweatbands are very useful for preventing sweat from getting in the way of your game. It sounds childish, but these products make quite the difference in key moments of the game.

Sporting Events

At sporting events it’s an interesting time to bring everyone together to root for the same thing. Home games, your student bodies are like fans rooting for the warriors. This is a great time to sell headbands or sweatbands to promote the home team. All it will take is about 3 people to buy headbands with your schools logo on them and everyone will be in line wanting to buy one. It’s interesting because once younger kids see upperclassmen wearing headbands, than they will want one also. So before you know it everyone will be wearing these awesome headbands or wristbands around.

Custom Sweatbands as a fundraiser

Anything that is low cost can be used as a fundraiser. I believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to use sweatbands as a fundraiser. For example, you must tie in your cause with a prize or it will never work. As sad as it is these days, people need a motive to donate money. Especially if it’s in a high school or college setting because most of the students don’t have much money. You must attach your fundraiser with some sort of pizza party or concert event. If you had a tagline like “Buy 30,000 sweatbands and Blink 182 is going to play our college,” then there would be motive to buy. A good idea would be to take donations at the door of an organized concert.  

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