Smoke versus Vapor - 400,000 people annually need your help

As electronic cigarette bans increase around the globe ... 400,000 people annually, need someone to step up to the plate and do the right thing. We deserve the right to choose.
The Electronic Cigarette
The Electronic Cigarette
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Sept. 19, 2009 - PRLog -- Never before has the smoking consumer had a viable option ... the electronic cigarette does in fact offer a much safer alternative to the tobacco products which have been on the market for decades. In fact, millions of consumers around the world have made the switch from smoke to vapor and all with the same results. They feel better and are happy they made the decision. These are the people that are asking that their opinion and their rights be taken into consideration, as these life altering decisions regarding the continued availability and usage are made. I am one of those, who made the decision to move to vapor and I know how I feel, I believe that we ... are entitled to the right to choose.  

Trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man hours have been spent researching and studying tobacco products and the results remain the same as they have for decades. Tobacco products lead to devastating illnesses and ultimately death. It is a fact that approximately 400,000 people die each year as a result of tobacco products and they will continue to do so, as they have for decades, simply because tobacco products provide unlimited profits to so many organizations and agencies worldwide.

Many of the agencies that have joined forces around the world, to obliterate the electronic cigarette are agencies that are responsible for our health and welfare, yet these decisions are forcing electronic cigarette users to once again return to a product that we know are killing us. For decades we were of the belief that these agencies were in fact doing their best to provide healthier, safer products ... with no real results. The fact that they are all in favor of banning the electronic cigarette speaks volumes ... unfortunately for us, all it says is that it comes down to dollars and cents and if they aren't receiving the dollars, it makes no sense.

On July 22nd 09 the FDA sent out a Press Release regarding the safety of the electronic cigarette, urging consumers world-wide not to purchase this product due to the fact that the FDA’s analysis indicate that these products contained detectable levels of known carcinogens and toxic chemicals to which users could potentially be exposed. This, in turn, set in motion ... an all out worldwide panic, which resulted in a product boycott and border closures in many countries around the world.

The FDA however, did not reveal the complete and accurate results of the tests which were performed. I would invite you to stop in at my website and familiarize yourself with the results of product safety tests and other pertinent information within its pages.

According to their report, they found detectable levels of TSNA.

According to Dr. Michael Siegel's analysis information on electronic cigarettes, levels of NAB were at 0.69, NAT 2.16, NNK showed at 1.46 and NNN was 3.87 ... 8.2 in total. I wasn't familiar with these nitrosamines they were so concerned with, so I figured I should check out the levels in the tobacco products as well. I figured, at least it would give me a good idea as to where the levels should be, since cigarettes are an approved product and have been on the market forever.

Marlboro showed levels of 190 NAB, NAT was 4900, the NNK level was at 1800 and levels of 4300 showed for NNN. The total nitrosamine level was 11,190 and no that isn't a decimal point. I checked into the other test results as compared to the Nicotrol Inhaler and they are as follows ... Limit of detection Cotinine 20 ppb. Anabasine 10 ppb; myosmine 69 ppb; β-nicotyrine 170 ppb - present but at less than the level of the Nicotrol specification. Analyte was detected but at a level less than the limit-of-quantification.

The FDA would have you believe that there is cause for concern regarding the vapor that the electronic cigarette produces ... which is a physical impossibility . There is no burning of the ingredients, such as with the conventional cigarette and it is the burning process, which is required to create the toxic mix of over 4,000 chemicals that form the deadly smoke that traditional cigarettes emit.

They detected levels of certain elements, which are found in all nicotine based products, mind you, the levels detected in the electronic cigarette were below those determined to be harmful and well below the minimum risk levels accepted by the US Public Health Service and OSHA. The levels were also below the Nicotrol inhaler used as a control. The full report can be viewed at the address below.

Personally, I am outraged at the collective effort of the numerous agencies involved with this boycott and appalled that they would intentionally contribute to the hysteria regarding what can most definitely be considered a much safer alternative to the tobacco products.

Product safety tests and the corresponding reports all confirm that fact, but Governments worldwide have stepped in and banned the electronic cigarette, branding them as a toxic, highly dangerous product, manufactured by companies intent on harming our younger generation, even though the product is manufactured and marketed to smoking adults.

Government officials, cancer organizations, research facilities, anti-smoking groups and countless others, that have fed off the tobacco sales for decades now have aligned themselves with one singular purpose in mind ... self-preservation.  

... 400,000 people annually, need someone to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

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The FDA Press Release regarding the safety of the electronic cigarette, effectively created a panic that spread like wildfire leading to a product boycott and border bans. You can find full and complete test results at my Smoke vs Vapor website.
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