Offers GPS “With an Attitude” is introducing a new line of comedic voices for GPS units. The downloadable voice files for the popular Garmin Nuvi series of GPS units are designed to replace the standard mono-toned computer voice and to add smiles to your miles.
By: Keith at RudeGPS
Sept. 18, 2009 - PRLog -- Atlanta, GA  – The site went live offering downloadable voice files for the popular Garmin Nuvi GPS units, not just any voice files but comedic and sometimes even rude voice prompts. The ten initial parodies are a mix of popular political, celebrity and movie characters. Keith Roberts of says that many more profiles are to be added.

Keith says the idea came about during a trip with his family. Keith’s mom was giving his dad a hard time for not listening to his Garmin that he “Paid good money for”. Keith’s mom earned the nickname, The Nagavator, and the rest is history.

During the research phase of this project, Keith saw the download process as one of the biggest obstacles. The download processes that are being used by others are tedious requiring some technical expertise; most are third party and built from scratch. Rude navigated a different route by partnering with Garmin to develop a streamlined voice file download process that is basically plug and play. Installation instructions are available on the RudeGPS website. The idea is for Rude’s voices to be as easy to install as a ringtone.

The parody files have a higher recording quality and nearly twice the voice files. Rude’s files’ prompts number approximately 270 versus the factory installed 150 or so. Rude also introduced 10 voice files as random phrases, occurring during those stretches of road where no character voice would be heard for over 5 minutes.

Rude’s products are affordably priced at $12.97 per download - not a bad price to pay to eliminate the monotone compu-voice from your GPS unit and get some attitude to boot.

Please visit for product promotions, details and instructions.

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Adding smiles to your smiles by selling parody voices of your favorite celebrity , political figure or TV/Movie character for your GPS.

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