On October 6th, Catherine VanWetter will Introduce Inner Resolution Facilitation - Free Teleclass

What if you could look back at your life with no regrets? What if you could fully embrace your family... and your past? What if you stopped blaming others? Catherine VanWetter offers guidance on these questions in a free teleclass, October 6th.
Sept. 17, 2009 - PRLog -- Honoring Your Past - So that you may Embrace This Moment and Step Confidently into Your Future - On October 6th.

Catherine VanWetter, Inner Resolution Facilitator Of Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness & Love asks us to look deep inside of ourselves to find inner peace and resolution. She asks this of people all over the world, "What if you could look back at your life with no regrets? What if you could fully embrace your family...  and your past? What if you stopped blaming others? What would your life look like NOW?"

In an interactive 90 minute teleclass,  Ms. VanWetter will guide listeners to come to realize that by bringing the unconscious part of their life forward and becoming conscience they can resolve issues and recognize solutions.  http://totheheartofthematter.com/teleclass

"To really look at our life and our story can be a challenge and at times difficult. This teleclass is an invitation to perhaps begin to look at who you think you are with loving kindness and compassion. When we can release ourselves from who we think we are, separating the facts from our “story”, then we can fully step into the wholeness and perfectness of who we are," states Ms. VanWetter. "What if you are more than your story of who you think you are? Have you ever wondered who you would be, if you put down your story? These words can sound like a puzzle, confusing and convoluted, yet this is the way many people live their lives; from a story of who they think they are. This story is our ego, often made up of faulty beliefs and misconceptions."

Also introduced in this teleclass will be Bert Hellinger's work. "The Orders of Love" and how these principles can be used to begin stepping into self empowerment, acwej deep healing and inner peace.

Interested parties may receive more information and register to be introduced to this powerful work at http://totheheartofthematter.com/teleclass

Catherine VanWetter,  Inner Resolution Facilitator of peace, compassion, forgiveness and love, offers individual, family and group Inner Resolution Facilitation that invites individuals to be gentle, compassionate, and courageous as they put down their weapon of choice and step into a field of Grace. "When you can separate your "story" from the facts then you can live in deep inner peace and heal all areas of your life."

Catherine is trained in a variety of healing techniques that can help individuals come to a place of peace within themselves. She is the host of Inspirations of the Heart Radio and the author of "The Soul of the Heart", a book of Heart Whispers. http://totheheartofthematter.com/

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