Boston Wedding DJ and RI Wedding DJ Ra-Mu helps brides determine "Real DJ's" from the fake ones.

The digital revolution has made many wedding dj's lazy and reliant on automation. Some rely on playlists while others let their computer do all the work. Local DJ Ra-Mu recreates the magic of the live mix coupled with a engaging personality.
dj ramu
dj ramu
Sept. 16, 2009 - PRLog -- Real DJ's vs. Fake DJ's.  There is a civil war going on between entertainers in the new england wedding industry.  Corporate imposters dominate the industry pushing mediocrity every week.  As I peek my head into adjacent grand ballrooms, I see more and more DJ's with their laptops on automatic pilot.  My favorite memory is that of a well know DJ that let a playlist run all night while he went to the bar and watched the Red Sox game.  Is that individual a DJ.  I'll let you determine that for yourself.

So what is a real DJ?  My good friend Raven the DJ, a entertainment consultant, shed some light on this recently.  A real DJ should be able to do the following five things at a wedding:

1.)  Be the host-A Real DJ should be comfortable moving from behind the DJ table and interacting with guests during the evening.  There is nothing worse than an entertainer that looks like it might be his 1st gig or they are too shy to engage guests looking down at the ground.  A simple smile or a accommodating "wecolme to xyz venue" can go a long way.

2.) Be the MC(master of ceremonies)-A Real DJ should be able to MC.  Beyond introducing the bridal party, a real DJ should have command of the room.  As cocktail hour comes to a close, a real DJ can command the attention of all guests as all eyes should be placed on the bride and groom and the formalities of the day.  The DJ is the director of a brides special day.  Bad direction can lead to a forgettable reception.

3.) Be an entertainer-A Real DJ should be able to entertain when necessary.  Things dont always go as planned so it is imperative to for the DJ to be able to think quick on their feet and understand how to keep the crowd enthused.  Say for instance that the entree is delayed for 20 minutes or the groom is taking a bathroom break, the power of entertaining can ensure that the night runs smoothly.

4.) Be a DJ-A Real DJ should be be able to mix music seamlessly and play selections to keep the crowd on the floor.  There should not be any dead air between songs and the dancing portion of the evening should be a progression leaving guests eagerly awaiting to hear the next song after next song.  It is every brides worst nightmare to see an emoty dance floor at her wedding so leave your "Spice Girls" records at home.

5.) End as strongly as you started- The crowd's enthusiasm and anticipation for the bridal party introductions should carry over to the last dance.  The perfect wedding is when the DJ leaves the crowd wanting more as the last dance is played.  If the crowd looks like they could have kept dancing for another hour or so, the DJ has done his job effectively.

If you are a new england bride that is looking to hire someone than can do all of the things above, call Ra-Mu and the Crew today and ask for one of their "Real DJ's".

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