Waking up with the Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock for iPhone or iPod Touch

Proactive Sleep enables you to better understand your sleep so you can make the appropriate behavioral changes to improve sleep. It also has a bunch of sleep tools like setting your alarm to any song
Sept. 14, 2009 - PRLog -- Beep, beep, beep - your alarm goes off in the morning and you slam on the snooze. Like a zombie, you get out of bed and make your way to the bathroom sink. When you splash water on your face it helps, but it still takes about a half hour for you to fully gain your senses and you don't quite feel up to par for the entire day. In scientific circles, this morning grogginess is known as sleep inertia and its severity can be due to not getting enough sleep, waking up at the wrong time of day, or waking up during a deeper phase of sleep.

Now imagine this: your alarm is your favorite music selected from iTunes and this along with a vigilance game that you have the option to play stimulates you to wake up when your alarm goes off - no need to press the snooze. You remember a funny dream that you had about your friend and you want to remember to tell them about it so you jot it down in your alarm clock's sleep diary before you forget. But you still feel tired after about thirty minutes of being awake so you pull up your sleep diary. The sleep diary automatically calculates how much you are sleeping when you set your alarm and it tells you that you slept about 6 hours, but indicates that your average is about 7 hours. That expains it!
You make a notes to go to bed one hour earlier than usual tonight.

This is just one example of how Proactive Sleep can be used to help you in your daily living. We offer various sleep tools designed to promote a proactive and healthy lifestyle.

Attributes and Uses:

1) Sleep Diary. Tracks how your unique sleep patterns affect you simply by setting your alarm. Information that is displayed includes a graph of the duration of your sleep, the number of times you wake-up during sleep, the consistency of the duration of your sleep from night to night, and the level of grogginess that you feel when you wake up in the morning. Averages of all these sleep statistics are displayed so that you can compare a single night of your sleep with the norm. This information is gathered by determining when you set your alarm, when your alarm goes off, if you press a button to indicate that you awakened during the night, and your score on the stimulating vigilance game that you have the option to play when the alarm goes off.

2) Sleep or Dream Journal. Embedded in the application is a sleep and / or dream notepad. This allows you to keep track of what is affecting your sleep or to keep track of your dreams.

3) Proactive Game. A game that is provided in the app enable you to receive motor and auditory stimulation when your alarm goes off. Scientific research shows that after awakening, stimulating activities help prevent morning grogginess. Also, your score on the game is used to assess how sleepy you are after awakening.

4) A Snooze feature. Provides for a gradual wake-up.

5) Wake-up to any song in your iTunes Library!

6) Ambient Music. Soothes you to fall asleep with ambient sounds that you can select from your iTunes library. These sounds act as a behavioral trigger for relaxation. Such triggers are known as stimulus-control. Another example of stimulus control is using your bed only for sleep in order to more strongly associate the bed with sleep.

7) Nightstand clock. View what time it is after your alarm is set.

8) Information Section. Includes useful facts and tips about sleep and ways that you can improve your sleep.

Winner of the $10,000 first place Schoof's Prize for Innovation and Creativity, interviewed in the Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal, and a Japanese TV station, Proactive Sleep is a highly anticipated and much needed application.
And this is only the beginning of our efforts to help you understand and improve your sleep behaviors. Free upgrades and feature add-ons are provided to those who use our application. This will include the ability to set sleep amount goals and get feedback on how well you are meeting your goals. Find out more at www.proactivesleep.com.

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Proactive Life believes that when science meets technology products that are proactive and healthy can emerge. Specifically, we make iPhone applications that people can use to improve their daily lives. Our first application is based on sleep.
Source:Daniel Gartenberg
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