Mobile Developers and Content Providers Launch Their Own Branded AppStores

Mobile content providers are tired of being rejected by carriers and app stores and waiting months to get paid. offers instant approval, instant payouts and control over distribution.
Sept. 11, 2009 - PRLog -- Steve Jobs deserves credit for bringing focus to the world of mobile development and entertainment. Before the iPhone, mobile developers were seen as risk takers or enthusiasts but certainly were not taken seriously nor blessed with great projects or good paydays. That all changed with the birth of the iPhone. Remember the picture on the cover of time magazine? Soon after the iPhone's arrival, the demand for applications and content exploded. Soon after, other mobile handset manufacturers would aggressively follow suit by launching their own appstores such as Research in Motion, Android, Palm, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and many more. This further validated the idea that building applications and content for mobile is the place to be, therefore opening the flood gates for new projects and products targeted towards the erstwhile mobile consumer.

In the beginning, everything was fantastic. Apple was open to excepting apps for the store and people were making money... a lot of money. Then something changed. As more and more developers stuffed their content and applications in to the mobile pipes of Apple and it's competitors, the ability for the appstores to handle the volume of apps submitted, the testing and verification of the identities of the developers has become very expensive and increasingly time consuming.

Today, appstores are rapidly becoming more and more like carriers in the ways that made developers and content providers queazy about even attempting the infamous journey to the deck. Carriers take huge off-the-top payments for themselves and that's after you've spent 3 to 6 months trying to get listed on-deck. Besides waiting 45-90 days for payments, carriers can decide at anytime to discontinue listing your app for any reason or no reason at all. This gives the developer or content provider literally no control over their business and even less control over their own cash flow or visibility.

PocketBrand, a new startup insists they have the path to the promised land with the release of the PocketBrand Appstore; a white-label iTunes style appstore that allows mobile developers and content providers to present their goodies in a branded appstore which they themselves control. Mobile users are able to subscribe to the appstore and purchase content that is sent instantly to their handset using paypal as the payment gateway.

"We knew the hardships mobile content providers were facing. Long waits for approval or rejection from the other appstores, then long waits for payments from sales. Most mobile developers are super small businesses who actually need revenues from sales immediately to pay for coffee, gas for the scooter (or moped), and of course rent and food. These guys would and do starve waiting for approval and then waiting for payments." Said Moses Johnson PocketBrand founder. "These guys need immediate approval and immediate payment as well as control over their own distribution. PocketBrand really comes through and removes the barriers. We even assist our partners with distribution strategies so their appstores see real traffic and uptake right away."

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About PocketBrand: PocketBrand is the premiere solution for selling premium mobile content off-deck without carrier fees or content restrictions. Check us out at

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