Tasks of Urban Environment Beautification

The main purpose of urban beautification has always been the improvement of people’s life level. Depending on time and place the decorated part of space can also become an element of the townspeople social culture.
Sept. 10, 2009 - PRLog -- The main purpose of urban beautification has always been the improvement of people’s life level. Depending on time and place the decorated part of space can also become an element of the townspeople social culture. By erecting monuments in the cities people often want to emphasize this or that historic moment thus embodying it for the further generations. Later on each monument becomes a local point of interest and does not only attract tourists, but also makes local people proud for the place of their birth and living.  
Thus, we can distinguish the following basic tasks of beautification which are solved by FCL urban furniture:
1.   Designing of a society’s mode of life.
It is formed with years that we judge about the life level of a city by its appearance. That is why urban environment beautification adds to formation of stable positive impression about the municipalities in the people’s minds.
2.   Practical function.
The most important task of a modern city beautification is keeping clean yard and house areas, streets, squares, gardens by means their beautification and regular cleaning. To realize this function, FCL Company offers a wide choice of litter bins of various designs. All litter bins are provided with stone blocks, possess rather unusual elegant design and are assigned to give extra aesthetics to urban environment. When passing by such a litter bin everyone will think again about the cleanness of his town or city. It is proved that such beginning of culture for sure result in improvement of people’s level of life.
3.   Provision of townspeople with comfort.
Already on the designing stage of model creation designers of FCL try to make the articles look more ergonomic.
Further on, on the stage of prototype making and testing the future product undergoes control check for comfort and convenience in use. Only after that we make a trial lot of articles that are then released. We appreciate our customers’ opinion on the quality of our products. If necessary, the article can be updated.
FCL Company offers a wide range of outdoor furniture: benches, litter bins, flower pots, granite flower beds, systems of landscape lightning, bike racks and others. You can see our products in the catalogue.
4.   Creation of elements of social culture.
Together with urban architecture (skyscrapers, ancient buildings, cathedrals, etc.) image of a city is formed by its streets, paths, parks, gardens, city squares. FCL Company produces furniture that can give any environment a unique image. Thanks to fundamental design and constructive solutions of a designer it is possible to create several variants of park, city square, recreation area, garden design using only one furniture collection. Thus, we can make memorial places in a city that can later acquire historical, social or cultural meaning. If making it an aim you can build subject elements in an urban environment, such as lovers’ parks, dating gardens, newlyweds’ squares, etc. FCL furniture can also be used for beautification of spaces in front of hotels. Systems of landscape lightning can serve as decoration of entrance to fashion shops and trade centers.
FCL Company constantly participates in various projects on urban beautification around the world. With our more than 10 years of experience we are open for collaboration with designers and planning offices. By creation of positive atmosphere in urban environment we strive for improvement of people’s level of life.
When listing these beautification tasks, we, first of all, ask ourselves how we would like to change our city. Whether you want to make the city clean, decorate it with flower beds, add some exquisite lightning in the streets – each customer’s idea will find reply in FCL range of articles. We are also ready to make individual projects, for instance, for decoration of cottages, country-houses or family estates.
Please, contact our manager and select together way of servicing that will suit you.

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FUTURE CITY has provided very successfully the needed solutions to all problems concerning quality standards conforming to specifications and delivery schedules for projects related to urban furniture, urban furnishings, city beautification.

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