Saturn Transit in Virgo and its Effects

Saturn, one of the most powerful planets of the zodiac, is a slow mover and its slow pace has earned the name "Sanischar" . It stays in one rashi for a period of almost 2 Yrs 6 Months. It is right now in Leo rashi and it will move into Virgo rashi.
Sept. 8, 2009 - PRLog -- Nilanjana Sama Bhasam, Raviputram Yamagrajam ||
Chhaaya-martanda Sambhootam Tam Namami Shanaishcharam || - Shani Mantra

Saturn, one of the most powerful planets of the zodiac, is a slow mover and its slow pace has earned the name "Sanischar" for the planet. It takes 29 Yrs 6 Months to revolve around the Sun. On an average it stays in one rashi for a period of 2 Yrs 6 Months. It is right now in Leo rashi and it will move into Virgo rashi.

The date of transit of Saturn from Leo rashi to Virgo rashi differs on account of different methods of calculation. According to Nirayana or Sidereal system of calculation (Lahiri Ayanamsa) Saturn will transit on 9th September 2009. Some other calculation systems have fixed the transit on 26th September 2009.

This transit of Saturn will start Sadhe Saati period for Libra and cause an end of Sadhe Saati for Cancer rashi. The last phase of Sadhe Saati for Leo will start and the second phase of Sadhe Saati for Virgo will also begin. The rashis that will have Dhaiya (Kantaka Shani) will be Gemini and Aquarius. The Dhaiya on Taurus and Capricorn will come to an end.

Saturn is generally considered as a Pap-Graha (malefic planet) its role has been analyzed in Uttara Kalamrita. It has been treated as a karaka of ill health, obstructions, disease, enmity, sorrow, death, old age, thefts, lameness etc. But, the role of Saturn as the administrator of divine justice is forgotten by many. This Graha helps the weak and the helpless and stands for common man. Well-placed Saturn can completely change the fortunes of an individual.

The effect of transit of Saturn from Leo rashi to Virgo rashi will affect the fortunes of all rashis. But, the effect will be dependent on many factors like the lordship of Saturn in the natal horoscope, placement of Saturn in natal horoscope and the running dasa in the horoscope. These are the main governing parameters for analyzing the effect of the transit of Saturn on different rashis.

The horoscope shows the planetary promise only. Transits deliver the promises of the horoscope. Transits will not deliver any result if there are no promises in the horoscope. This principle applies to Saturn as well. Even though the transits are good or bad, these may not bring good or bad results unless it is indicated in the horoscope.

A brief prediction based on Moon sign is given below for every rashi. However, we would like to reaffirm that the results should be cross-checked through planetary promises of the horoscope. These predictions are of indicative nature only.

Aries: The natives of this rashi will experience increase in courage and valor. Family life will be happy for them. There shall be happiness from children also. They will gain from association with famous people and from government agencies. Things may remain tough professionally and there can be financial issues to be taken care of.

Taurus: The natives of this rashi will feel relieved because this transit will end the period of "Kantaka Shani". There can be issues concerning children and family life will require attention. Health will be a particular area of concern. Management of finance will also require skill.

Gemini: The natives of Gemini may feel disturbed on account of this transit. Family problems may increase including the health problems of mother. There can be change in residence or job. Finance may be a cause of concern. There can be differences with family members and relatives.

Cancer: The effect of the transit on the natives of this rashi will be good. There can be gain of wealth and finance. There is possibility of getting recognition and honor in career or from government agencies. However, tension during this period is also not ruled out.

Leo: The transit will be satisfactory for the natives of Leo. Things may ease out and solutions to problems will start becoming visible. However, issues concerning family life may continue. Financial matters will require careful attention.

Virgo: Saturn being the 5th lord from the Moon sign, this transit will bring in some good news with respect to career and education. However, the 6th house lordship of Saturn also indicates that health can be an area of concern. Hard work is necessary to succeed.

Libra: Saturn being the yogakarka planet for Libra rashi, the commencement of Sadhe Saati period will give good results. There will be professional gains followed by the transit. There can also be some anxious moments with respect to family life. There can be chances of foreign travel as well.

Scorpio: The natives of this rashi will feel energized after the transit. There shall be increase in valor, happiness, name, fame and Luck. There shall be happiness from family as well. There is strong chance of financial gains as a result of this transit. Financial issues should be sorted out.

Sagittarius: The natives of this rashi may have to face some professional or household related changes after the transit. Business will need extra care. There may be possibility of loss of wealth. Problems from enemies and from people in high places are possible.

Capricorn: This transit will bring good news for the natives of this rashi also because the period of "Kantaka Shani" will end. All-round improvement in the situation is likely as a result of this transit. There can be some health concerns affecting the family. There can be increase in fortune from foreign land.

Aquarius: This transit may not be favorable for the natives of this rashi. Saturn will be transiting in the 8th house. This transit can be considered very tough. There is possibility of health issues for self and family members. Caution should be exercised while taking any major financial decision.

Pisces: This saturn transit will give mixed results to the natives of this rashi. There can be marital life issues after the transit. Some changes with respect to career as well as residence are also possible. Troubles from enemies cannot be ruled out. Wastage of funds has to be checked.

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