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I'm a 48 year old mom and grandmother and I admit that I use my cell phone when I drive and yes I even text on occasion.
By: Natalie Shelby
Driving and Cell Phones Just Don't Mix
Driving and Cell Phones Just Don't Mix
Sept. 8, 2009 - PRLog -- Those of us who do it, know it's dangerous and if we are honest, admit to having our share of close calls while driving. Getting better educated by reading researched studies, visual pictures and videos has really made me wake up and realize I have to change my habits.

The hundreds of Bluetooth handsfree reviews I've read from customers using these products clearly show that none of them deliver optimal sound quality all the time. There are factors that can contribute to performance such as the noise level from inside and outside the car like the air conditioner running full blast and having the windows down. The technology is great, but we can’t expect perfection from the best bluetooth hands free car kits at least for now and for the time being your conversations will sound as typically heard from any speakerphone.

I'm disappointed to learn that at this point anyway, our speech can't be transmitted as a text message on the other person's phone and vice versa, because teenagers may not comply and stop texting by hand even with a speakerphone installed. In my opinion, every teenager needs to watch the video on our home page to get a visual effect of the risk they take in having a fatal car crash.

Sound quality is good enough to warrant purchasing a Bluetooth simply because you keep your eyes on the road and greatly reduce the chance of a serious accident. As more laws get passed to ban the use of hand held devices while driving, it makes sense to consider a Bluetooth Speakerphone as a worthwhile affordable option.

Here is a summary of 4 top rated Bluetooth Speakerphones:

Motorola's  T305 - Delivers satisfactory call quality, and it's an easy-to-use device at a great price. Comes with a car charger, visor clip and a quick-start guide. Many folks say the blinking blue light is annoying and some even put a piece of tape over it at night.

The Jabra SP700 offers dependable audio quality most of the time, and its music streaming and integration with the car stereo are a bonus, just don’t expect perfect results. Comes with a USB charger, car charger, visor clip, quick-start manual. Reduces the annoying blinking blue light that some brands have by offering a night-driving mode, in which you can switch off the lights entirely. Play calls and music from your mobile phone on your car stereo via FM and Bluetooth transmission.

Motorola’s T505 is easy to use and keeps your eyes on the road. Call quality isn’t as consistent as the t305. Comes with a car charger, visor clip, quick-start guide. Wirelessly connects Bluetooth enabled phone and car stereo for handsfree communication and broadcasting of music from your phone. StationFinder finds and announces where to tune the FM radio for a clear FM connection to the car stereo.

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 provides caller ID info, automatic phone-book download, and easy-to-use controls. Call quality was up and down in tests. Comes with an AC charger, car charger, two visor clips and user manual. Also will upload contacts from your mobile device and announces who is calling via TTS (Text To Speech)

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