Gothic Mummy Teen Costumes For Halloween says the Gothic Mummy Teen Costume is one of the most popular teenage Halloween costume ideas for 2009. Gothic Costumes for teens are more popular this year than ever before.
Gothic Fairy Costume with Beautiful Gothic Fairy Wings Note Goth Style Make Up
Gothic Fairy Costume with Beautiful Gothic Fairy Wings Note Goth Style Make Up
Sept. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- Looking for Gothic Teen Costumes?  How about the Gothic Mummy teen costume for this Halloween?  Find out more about that costume and other gothic styles that are perfect for teens, boys, girls and couples costume ideas too.  

Gothic Teen Costumes

When we speak of gothic costumes there are many different styles of dress we can conjour up.  The medieval period or the Renaissance with it's Lords and Ladies, and Vampires...bring very goth pictures into our heads.  Vampires are the Kings and Queens of the gothic costumes.  Every era costume can be turned goth by adding a bit of startling color to your hair...try a bright red streak...or by adding light foundation and smokey black or dark gray eye liner and shadows...a dab of dark lipstick and perhaps black nail polish and you will look great!

Gothic Teen Mummy Costumes

A Gothic Teen Mummy costume is easy to find at our online Halloween costume catalog.  My favorite one combines tatters and lace to make a really different female Mummy costume for 2009.  This Halloween, this is the Mummy costume that I want.  

Homemade Mummy Halloween Costume

If you would like a homemade mummy Halloween costume,  my favorite might be a good pattern for you to follow, if you want a unique homemade costume, rather than the Egyptian Mummy, guy wrapped in strips of gauze...which is an easy homemade costume idea and a scary enough costume...but it's not nearly as pretty as my girl lacy Mummy outfit.  Take a look at the details of this costume...or any other you like, and see how you can make one.

Cheap Homemade Costume Supplies

For cheap supplies look in your closet for an old beige, white or pastel dress.  Didn't find one?  Get right down to the local consignment shop or Good Will store and see what they have in your size.  Once you get the dress, look around in the fabric/ribbon section and see if there is any lace and satin ribbons.  You can attach them to your dress with pins or glue, and let them wrap around you, and hang off...just like my favorite Gothic Mummy teen costume!  

Other Gothic Halloween Costumes For Teens

At you can find lots of Gothic Costumes.  Faces Skull costume has a skull on the top and comes with a black mesh skirt, cute striped leggings, fingerless gloves and a princess tiara.

The Gothic Girlie or Goth Raggedy Ann costume are also two cute...well, in a gothic sense of the word, teen costumes that are popular with the younger set. Check out the accessories like the Very Bat Braids, or the Gothic Rag Doll Wig that will match most of these costumes perfectly.

More ideas are the Medieval Maiden or the Evil Fairy...Gothic Fairy costumes are very popular with teenage girls and adult woman this Halloween...if I wasn't going to be the Mummy, I would choose the fairy costume....theyhave such beautiful Fairy wings!

Couples Gothic Teen Costumes For Halloween

The top couples Gothic teen costume favorites for Halloween this year are the Prom King Zombie and the Zombie Prom Queen outfits...every teen wants to be the King and Queen of the Prom!  Then there is the Corpse Groom and the Corpse Bride costumes for the couple that are Tim Burton fans.   which are a favorite.  Everyone wants to be Prom King and Queen, don't they?   Vampire and Lady Vampires are always popular with the Goth crowd...but they are the original Gothic costume.    

Remember the importance of the makeup when you are designing your Gothic costumes,  white or pale faces, gaunt dark circles around the eyes...smokey and misty gray or black eye can even use gray or black eye shadow as blush or an accent color on your face.  Brush some lightly right under your cheek bones.  Black or dark colored lipstick and nail polish to really capture the darkness of the Gothic costume.

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