iCarly Party Supplies New in 2009

PartyIdeasParade.com, an online party ideas and party supplies web site tells us the popular Nickelodeon show, iCarly, is now available in iCarly party supplies. iCarly party supplies, perfect for your next birthday party theme.
By: PartyIdeasParade.com
iCarly party supplies to decorate with your iCarly party ideas
iCarly party supplies to decorate with your iCarly party ideas
Sept. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- New for 2009 iCarly party supplies.  PartyIdeasParade.com announces the release of the iCarly party supplies...perfect for your girl's party ideas.  Carly is quite a character from Nickelodeon.  She is the creator of a web show that stars herself and her very best friends, Sam and Freddie.  These roles are played by Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress.  These actors give us characters that supply us with a fun family show filled with fun!

Now for all the iCarly fans, party supplies are available to make your next girl's birthday party fun, fun fun.  Or should I say, iFun!  As with any party supplies, you will find plates, cups and napkins in this popular girls party theme.  There's a table cloth, invitations and thank you notes to cover all the party bases from A to Z.  

Now for the fun iCarly party supplies...you can also find some unique accessories to make sure your birthday girl and her guests have a great time.   Girls party favor boxes are filled with stickers, a bracelet, a compact mirror, nail polish and a marabou ring...your party guests will love these.  You can buy the party favor boxes complete or you can get the favors individually.  Or instead of favor boxes, choose one favor idea...like the marabou rings as a favor.  

There is an iCarly photo prop...you know what that is, right?  It's a large cardboard cutout, covered with life like picture of Carly and Sam.  Put your birthday girl and her party friends in front of it and take their picture.  For 6.99, you can't beat the fun it will provide!  

Make up some fun iCarly trivia games with your daughter before the party.  Write quotes from the show and make everyone guess who said it!  iCarly notepads will make a great game prize, or give out some iCarly sticker sheets.   Using the photo prop, you can have role play for others to guess which guest star you are imitating.  

Playing some iCarly episodes or playing iCarly: iDream in Toons game, or dancing to the soundtrack of this popular character will all be fun party activities.   You can arrange to have an iScavenger hunt...hide lots of iCarly items around the house or party room...or even your yard.  Make a list of the items you hid, and it can be very simple things, Carly's nail polish, or Sam's note book or pen...just stick a name on each item when you hide using paper and tape.  You can also include some party favors in those hidden items.  Nail polish, stickers, marabou rings...all perfect to go along with your teen iScavenger hunt!

There are lots of fun ideas to use to make your girl's birthday party a complete success, especially when you begin with these iCarly party supplies!

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