Zelda Halloween Pet Costumes

Dog-e-Dogs.com with Zelda Halloween Pet Costumes news. See our selection of the hilarious Zelda dog costume line. Zelda is a beautiful English Bulldog, and she loves to dress up for Halloween or any time of the year.
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Zelda Halloween Pet Costumes at Dog-e-Dogs.com
Zelda Halloween Pet Costumes at Dog-e-Dogs.com
Sept. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- The Zelda Halloween Pet Costumes for animals are hot sellers in the Pet section.  It's fun to dress up your pet for Halloween...the dog is, after all, part of the family.  Zelda costumes offers us a humorous selection of costumes for our canine companions.

Zelda Beehive Hairdo Doggie Costume

First is the Zelda Bouffant Dog Costume and the description begins with "Her bark is louder than her beehive", it makes me think right away of the B52's...that singing group.  This costume screams pretty in pink for your dog.  It includes a pink dress, a pink bouffant wig and the ultimate "cool" dress up accessory, sunglasses.  This is an officially licensed Zelda costume.  And it's the perfect Halloween pet costume to match up to your human costume.

This Bouffant doggie costume will be the perfect animal costume to compliment your family's costumes this Halloween.  Go with a group costume, the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds.  The Cast of Grease is a popular group theme and group costumes are big this year.  Or if you love the King...yes, I mean Elvis, this pooch might have hung around with him.  Elvis always liked a woman in a beehive hair do.

Canine Cave Man

Next we have a dog costume that shows the height of fashion...from 10,000 BC.  Yep,  it's the Zelda Cave Dog Costume and it's new for Halloween 2009.  The description on this costume reads, "This bone-age costume".  Don't you love Zelda already?  This funny dog costume comes with a cheetah print shirt and a crazy, spiky doggie hair wig.  Add your own bone necklace and this costume will be a big hit.  Your prehistoric pup will be wagging his stone age tail all night.

If you have two dogs, why not get the other into the caveman era with this Jurassic Bark dog costume?  It will look like your dog has been roaming around since the Jurassic era with this Dinosaur dog costume.  It comes with a jumpsuit and a hood.  The back has spines on it, just like some pictures of the dinosaurs I've seen.  Take a look, it's really cute.  And for you humans there are some cave man costumes so you can match with your pooch perfectly this Halloween.  Fun is what Halloween is all about so make sure to include your Halloween pet costume in with the family theme.

Punks and Rock N Roll

The Zelda Punk Dog Costume is perfect for that rock and roll loving furry friend.  You can get dressed up as Gene Simmons or some other Rock Star and you and the dog can become the rock ingest band in the history of Halloween at your house.

The Punk Dog outfit is new for 2009 and it shows one hardcore punk puppy dog...waiting for some rocking excitement on October 31st.  A red spiky wig, brown dog collar...complete with spikes of course, a black jacket and pants and your pup will be the punkiest dog in town.  Match the rest of the family to make a Rock Band group costume.  There's the Jonas Bros., or Hannah Montana for kids, the wife can put together a fun Cindy Lauper outfit to match your Kiss.   Show the block what you guys are really made of, and make sure you tell them you found the pooch's outfit care of  Zelda.

Got two punk rock dogs?  There's another doggie costume that is a perfect companion for the punk rocker...it's  The Tattoo Dog costume.  Funny...wait until you see the sleeves filled with tats.  Your doggie will look bad to the bone covered with tattoos.  This outfit is a hooded jumpsuit  with tattoo sleeves and blue pants.  Very Funny.

Raggedy Dog Costume

Finally the Zelda Rag Doll Dog Costume, another new Halloween pet costume for Halloween 2009.  The designers at Zelda certainly have a fun sense of humor.  The description tells us we are going to have some tail-wagging fun with this rag doll.  Your pup will look like the classic rag dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy in this red yarn wig complete with pig tails and a dress with an apron.  

Turn the family into a play room full of raggedy toys with matching outfits.  The group idea for this costume theme is of course, Raggedy Ann and Andy.  You can make those yourself or you can easily find them online.  Look for the Ragamuffin Dolly baby or toddler costume to match with your pooches.

There is a wonderful story behind Zelda the dog...don't we all have a great story about our pets?  Zelda is an English Bulldog  who's measurements are 32-32-32 and she helps many people smile and laugh everyday with her zany costumes.  Thanks Zelda!

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Dog-e-Dogs.com is a new web site for dog lovers. Right now can find some cute dog Halloween costumes and some very funny pet costumes. Zelda is one of the funny Halloween pet costumes lines available right now. If you and your dog have a sense of humor, Zelda pet costumes are the perfect choice for you.

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