A New CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Machine ASG-550 is launched by Jeffer Machinery in June 2009.

Jeffer Machinery has been committing to offering the best CNC saw blade sharpening machines, carbide tool grinders, profile grinders and straight knife grinders to woodworking industry since 1980.
CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Machine
CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Machine
Sept. 5, 2009 - PRLog -- Jeffer Machinery has been committing to offering the best CNC saw blade sharpening machines, carbide tool grinders, profile grinders and straight knife grinders to woodworking industry since 1980. Today, the name “Jeffer Machinery” has earned a reputation in the global marketplace for the high quality, and heavy-duty grinding machine.
Among those precise machines that manufactured by Jeffer Machinery, ASG-550 CNC Controlled Saw Blade Sharpening Mahcine has won the most recognition and appreciation. ASG-550 CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Machine is controlled by CNC numerical control system that simplifies the operation process, and the rotation action and angle setting can be easily controlled by its new design operation panel. Follow the graphic instructions that given by the LCD Display panel, the operator can use the program without difficulty. It is worth noted that it is acceptable to input another new program while the existed program is still running; we can not deny this feature truly helps saving a lot of time.
This multi-tasking feature reduces setup time, throughput time and cost by combining operations into one single machine cycle. Top grinding, face grinding and saw tooth type geometric functions are all included in the control system menu. Just entering the basic data such as the diameter and teeth number for once, the computer will save the data permanently and we may recall it in the future, and the working sequence can be adjusted as required. In addition, the built-in face grinding geometry (abrasive grinding processing principle) can be used for designing different tooth shape (total 32 kinds of serration).

The most important advantage of ASG-550 is its impressive versatility. ASG-550 is a four axle servo-control CNC saw grinder; the grinding angles, the teeth numbers, and the teeth depth can be automatically set up and controlled. No mater face grinding, top grinding or saw grinding, all of these actions can be done in one time. Without spending a long time on grinding, this machine can make the high quality and accurate grinding performance.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with the colorful LCD operation screen; the operator can easily input data and carry out processing by the help of graphic instruction. The machine can be programmed to handle a large family of parts with little or no changeover, no longer required to set up the teeth space in advance, only simply input outer diameter and the number of teeth before processing.

The machine is designed with castings and other heavy-duty components to maximize its reliability and enlarge its capability. And the frame of this grinder, innovative and high class, is made of firm and durable steel. The all-cover frame design is praised by lots of customers. However, Jeffer Machinery emphasizes not only the exterior design, but also the exclusive interior mechanical design. The control system of the saw grinder is designed to be apart from the grinding area in order to enhance the safety protection of operation and prevent the damage of computer system.

The following is part of the features of ASG-550:

*Ceramic magnet chucks provide superior holding power that never fades, and it is easy to replace the chucks.

*Relief angle grinding can be finished in one action.

* This 4 axle servo-control CNC grinder allows setting various feeding curves according to different saw blade diameters.

*Installed the basic automatic lubrication system.

*Equipped with standard spray mist filtration system that with cooling water recycle function.

ASG-550 provides a wide range of applications; it is suitable for use in various grinding technologies. We can say it also acts an important part in benefiting for the grinding mills. The high performance that the CNC saw blade sharpening machine can display is the result of the experience that Jeffer Machinery has built up over the years. Their sales machinists are glad to share you their experience. Please feel free to contact them for further information about grinding machine.

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