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Easy homemade costume ideas for this Halloween. You can save money , have fun and learn how to make your own kids halloween costumes. Take a look at the new ideas we have listed on PartyIdeasParade.com
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Sept. 4, 2009 - PRLog -- Yes, you can save some money by making easy homemade costumes this year for Halloween.  If you usually buy or rent your kids Halloween costumes, why not save yourself some money and have a great time with your kids by making a costume.  You can have the kids help you and teach them the steps to making a Halloween costume.  It will not only be fun for everyone, it will teach a valuable lesson.  How often can you do that while your having fun?  

What are some ideas for low cost easy homemade Halloween costumes?

The usual scary Halloween costume ideas usually include dead creatures, Zombies, Vampires and Ghouls or Monsters...This year some popular scary costumes are the puppet from Saw, Darth Vader, Frankenstein or the Texas Chainsaw Mask.  Other classic and popular scary costumes include the Werewolves, Witches and Demons.  

Make A Costume Out Of A Sheet?

Every year we see tons of old sheets roaming the streets on Halloween night.  Of course, they don't look like sheets anymore. That's because some parents and kids used a little imagination and turned ordinary old household sheets into Ghost costumes.  Make a cutout hole for the arms and eyes and you've got a costume.  You should also make a mouth opening so some candy can be eaten.  See what a little creativity and an old sheet  can do. You can use simple tools like fabric paint, costume makeup, pens, markers to make your sheet ghost costume unique and special.  It's an easy homemade costume that looks great.  Grab an old pillow case to use as a treat bag.

Remember we mentioned creativity?  Not all ghost costumes are white.  Add a little color to yours, or put some patches on it.  Make it different from any other costume you've seen.  It's fun to decorate a costume and make it special.

Homemade Witch Costume

Another easy homemade costume is a Witch.  It's simple to make and you can do it in a hurry.  Get a piece of black fabric, measure that it reaches all around you almost to the floor.  Cut the fabric into a large circle, make a cutout for your head and your arms.   Almost like magic, you've got the beginnings of your homemade witch costume.  Now for a Witches hat...it's such a recognizable part of the Witch outfit.  You can make the brim out of cardboard by cutting a large circle and then cutting out the middle so it looks like a wreath.  Take another piece of cardboard and roll it into a cone shape.  Glue the two pieces together making sure they are glued well.  You can decorate it with fabric or spider webs or veils...whatever you think makes it look perfect.   Or you can buy a Witches hat at an online web site or your local costume store.  They won't be too expensive.

You can decorate your little Witch's face with some green costume makeup.  Make sure to get a formula for sensitive skin.  Use some body glue to stick a corn flake or two to your Witches face and cover it with the green make up...that's how you make a wart.  Make this Witch beautiful or not, it's all up to you!   Check your local craft store for a small broom stick  or take a look at your online costume store for other accessories.  Get a Trick or Treat bag, and this costume is done.

Easy Homemade Scary Costume Ideas

More easy costume ideas include Ghouls, Zombies and Skeletons.  All you need are some ratty old clothes or a black sweat suit.  Make the Ghoul and Zombie look dirty and raggedy.  Cut out white paper bones to glue onto the sweats to make your Skeleton costume.  You can paint your paper bones with glow in the dark paint for some extra effect.   Find an old pillow case for your Skeleton costumes head piece or use the Halloween makeup.  It's my favorite!  White hair spray will look ghostly or ghoulish.  White and dark makeup will finish off your scary costume look.

Ghouls and Zombies remind me of one of my favorite kinds of dress up fun...Gothic costumes.  Teens and Gothic costumes go together like Trick or Treat.  So if you have a teenager in the house, be prepared to apply some Gothic make up designs.  Gothic costume makeup starts with a white or very light foundation and  some black or gray make up accents.  Dark lipstick is called for too.

Easy Homemade Gryffindor Wizard Costume Ideas

Thanks to Harry Potter, Wizard Costumes are popular this year.  The Gryffindor Robe, with it's logo, tie and scarf are a top selling costume...so let's figure out how you can make one.
A Wizard's robe looks suspiciously like an old bathrobe, don't you think?  A hooded bathrobe is even better.  Make the Wizard's hat the same way you made the Witch's hat, or buy one.  Make your own magic want with a dowel, two star shaped pieces of paper, some paint, glue and sparkle glitter...so it looks magical!  Paint the stick gold or silver, decorate your star till it shines.  Glue some glitter on it and do it over and over again...this magic wand is going to shine!  Find an old tassel or some rope to make a belt and you can glue some sparkle filled star and moon shapes on your Wizards robe as decorations.  Get a Gryffindor logo from a clip art site, or draw it yourself and glue it right on the robe.  

How Many Easy Homemade Costume Ideas Are There?

I don't know how many easy homemade costume ideas there are.  I am sure there are many more out there that I haven't thought of yet...but I won't stop looking.  Every time I turn around I see something new I can use to make a costume.  Once you begin to make your costumes, you too will get more and more ideas to use.  

It only takes some imagination and a few simple materials for you to come up with some unique and fun costume ideas.  Buy an accessory here and there, but for the most part, you will have a great homemade costume for Halloween and you will have saved a lot of money by making it yourself.

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