Best Strategy for Mafia Wars Game on Facebook, Myspace and Iphone

Mafia Wars is an online game developed by Zynga. It is very popular on Facebook and Myspace platforms. It is exciting to notice that such games have acquired a lot of interest on social networking sites like facebook, myspace and yahoo.
By: Chris Jones
Sept. 1, 2009 - PRLog -- Mafia Wars has become one of the most played games on social networking sites like  Millions of players play this game or application every week on sites like facebook, myspace and yahoo. It is also available on now.

Mafia Wars has also been made available on Iphone. It is a very addicting game and I am also one of those who spend many hours playing this game. I have a 450 strong mafia and I earn millions fighting people on the Hitlist.

People’s properties are often robbed in this game. There are many people playing Mafia Wars game from all over the world. Gamers are often in search of the tips and gaming strategies which godfathers use. But they are not going to tell you the real tips.

You have to do a lot of search online but then you may not even be able to find it. If a godfather was to give out the hints everywhere for free, then everyone would be a strong player. It is difficult to make your own best strategy for mafia wars facebook, myspace or others.

A successful Mafia Wars Player talks about the Secret Strategies for Mafia Wars Game at

Zynga has produced a very nice game. It is more addicting as compared to other zynga games available on facebook. Finally you can use some of the below tips to win against various other players.

You should bank the money often. This will prevent you from losing it when someone attacks you. You have to pay a 10% fees but your money is safe in bank. I know people who have thousands of millions of dollars in the bank. I do have a lot but not thousands of millions. The Godfathers do have the best mafia wars strategy to make money, level quickly, build a bigger mafia, get weapons and become rich in the game.

Finally you need to recruit a strong mafia. Lesser people will attack you if you have a bigger family. Your properties will not be raided often.

You should buy more properties for a lot of income. Make sure you collect your take every day and keep playing mafia wars for a little while every day. If you don’t play for a few days, your properties will be deactivated and you will lose the income for those days. You should take some time to collect the income regularly. Thus you will grow very rich.

Choose your weapons wisely. Go to Cuba once you are level 35. Spend more of your skill points on increasing your energy level so that you can level faster. You should also consider completing the offers to get free reward points which you can use to refill energy quickly.

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