Athlete's Foot Symptoms - How to recognize the symptoms of Athlete's Foot.

Have you itchy toes or itchy feet and wondering whether it could be Athlete's Foot? Here is a checklist of symptoms that could indicate whether you have it or not.
By: Joan Masterson
Sept. 1, 2009 - PRLog -- Athlete's Foot Symptoms that could be an indication of whether you have foot fungus include but are not limited to the following most prominent symptoms:

  1. itchy toes and feet
  2. burning feet
  3. redness between the toes or over areas of the feet
  4. painful cracks in the skin between the toes or other ares of the feet
  5. scaly skin
  6. peeling skin

Here are some scary statistics about the Athlete’s Foot Fungus:

  1. 26.5 million people in the US alone are affected by Athlete’s Foot annualy
  2. 7 out of 10 people who develop Athlete’s Foot are male
  3. At least 70% of all people will develop Athlete’s Foot sometime during their lifetime
  4. Athlete’s Foot does not necessarily have to be picked up from someone else for a perso to develop the condition
  5. The scariest of all: 45% of all people will suffer from it periodically for over 10 years!

Another scary fact is that over the counter medications are becoming less and less effective against various strains of the fungus which means that your treatment of it will eventually become a hit and miss affair.

The problems with topical creams and other medications is that it treats the symptoms of the disease and not the cause. Taking anti-biotics, which is supposed to treat the root cause, creates a nightmare of various other diseases in it’s wake and it is still not guaranteed to rid you of the Tinea Pedi fungus that causes the disease.

However, there is a treatment that is made up of completely natural ingredients that is guaranteed to stop Athlete’s foot in its tracks, no matter how bad the infection may be.

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