At Times Of Financial Crisis, Foreign Language Learning And Work Experience Abroad Are Paramount!

It’s undeniable that the whole world has entered an era of great turbulence but it’s crucial to remain positive. For all the suffering, a crisis must also have benefits. Here’s the case of language schools and internship mediating agencies.
Aug. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- This is not the first financial crisis of the era of globalization, but today, things are both similar and different. It is today the western countries, the U.S. and then Europe who are affected first.  Like always, there is the risk of the “Greek tragedy ", the whole world goes on discussing and arguing about the disaster. Of course, the whole world has entered an era of great turbulence but let’s remain rational and positive about this.

Because any crisis must also have benefits. Indeed, for all the ones who suffer, somebody has got to benefit from it, don’t they? This is, by essence, the nature of the global market game. Concerned are language schools and internship mediating agencies. The number of students applying for language courses or internships abroad has not yet been affected so much. PractiGo, mediating agency for language courses and internships across the globe, remains positive that the numbers of students booking stays abroad will continue to increase and is expecting a growth rate of two-digits in the current year. Fortunately! Some reasons could explain this tendency.

Firstly, because it is more important than ever for school leavers, students or job seekers to be able to stand out from the crowd when applying for a university place or employment . Speaking 2-3 or more foreign languages is one way to improve their chances. This definitely gives them the edge over a school leaver or any other student who has no work experience or secondary language skills. The importance of investing in skills development can never be re-emphasized too much at times of global economic downturn! Knowledge along with competencies and skills are of paramount importance to successfully compete in the global labour market. Openness to change, language and communication skills, ability to cope with difficulties are some of the benefits which will wow HR or university admissions departments.
Nowadays, excellent language skills are among the top recruiting requirements of most international companies and the ones doing business all over the globe. Students who are already at university or college often have to complete a mandatory work placement as part of their studies. But even if this is not the case, it is important to consider it. Learning foreign languages and working abroad is considered as a fantastic opportunity for school leavers and students not only professionally but personally, just because it enables them to broaden their horizons and to gain valuable new skills. Marc Oliver Schneider, PractiGo’s Co-Managing Director, stresses the need for school leavers and students to have experiences abroad. “It is the right time for all to invest in their education and skills”, he says. “And the best way to learn a language is in the country in which it is spoken”, he adds.

Moreover, another reason why mediating agencies might benefit from the crisis is that often scholarships can be arranged to cover most of the costs for a stay abroad; and therefore, the students shouldn’t be too concerned by the slowdown of the economy. As a matter of fact PractiGo, not only competitive in its prices, helps anyone to find a language course or any internship abroad even including the very minor details, from accommodation to insurance booking, up to airport transfer and flight booking . A great value for money. All one need is curiosity and a little courage. Everything else, PractiGo organizes it. How simple and convenient is that!

Anne-Lina described her stay abroad in Dublin, Ireland where she completed an internship in an events agency: "The internship in Ireland was simply of great benefit to me for my studies and for my general attitude towards life.”
“I have even received an offer for a permanent job after completing my degree. I never imagined that everything would be SO fantastic!“ She added.

According to Marc Oliver Schneider, English, considered as a must for international companies, remains the TOP number one favourite language booked, followed by Spanish which is on the rise and slightly ahead of French. Forecasts tend to confirm that this trend is likely to continue across the globe over the coming decade.

In summary, to succeed in context of economic turmoil, it’s important to break with routine and embrace change not only politically and economically, but also personally. Thinking differently in the long term, and taking the chance for new opportunities is crucial.  In other words, one should think not only tactically but also strategically and proactively: about the future, about the changes to make. Last November, President Obama, who was not yet elected, said: “the old ways of thinking just won’t do”.  In other words, tackle the crisis! This gives food for thought.

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PractiGo is a specialist in language holiday, educational travel and internships abroad. Since 2001, PractiGo offers customized internships worldwide and the program has expanded each year to many destinations. Upon request, accommodation, language training, airport transfer or flight can also be organized.

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