Small Business Expert Gives Tips to Personal and Business Success

Dan Cavalli’s new blog guides individuals on how to save money, become debt free and become financially independent.
Dan Cavalli -Small Business Expert
Dan Cavalli -Small Business Expert
Aug. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- A recent survey of more than 22,000 people showed that 47% are worried about how to save money, be debt free and become financially independent.
Small business expert and author Dan Cavalli addresses those three concerns and more in his new blog,
Cavalli’s advice has proven to work. And you need not look farther than Cavalli himself to see a success story.
In 1995, he launched his first national business from zero with no customers and grew it to more than 35,000 customers and $140 million in revenue in less than 18 months. Hundreds if not thousands of small independent business owners make much more money thanks to the tuition and tools he developed.
On his blog Starting A Business Now, Cavalli guides readers through his path where he:
•   Set aside $10 from each pay check into a savings account.
•   Established a plan to pay off all of his debt.
•   Built up money and invested in a business that sealed his way to financial freedom.

“Learn from the guy who was broke, how I was able to save enough money, get out of debt, establish my own successful business and become financially independent in just 18 months,” he said.
These tips are only a skeleton outline of the knowledge Cavalli provides on the blog, The blog also gives readers the opportunity to join a FREE 20-lesson e-course, The Richest Man in Babylon.
There, Cavalli also shows:

•   How to turn your money worries into infinite sources of cash using ancient wisdom and modern intelligence.
•   How he generated 35,000 paying customers in 18 months.
•   How he created over 21,500 subscribers to his Internet business in less than 5 weeks

“My aim is to address these challenges and give specific advice on how to overcome them. That way if they apply what they will learn they will have the chance to enjoy the better things in life,” he said.

# # # is owned by Dan Cavalli, an Australian businessman and Author. He is an entrepreneur and expert on small-business success and has a published International selling book: ‘Blueprint for Making Millions'

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