Introduction Of FinishStone Composite Panels

NEW FinishStone Composite Panels offer the beauty of natural stone, but are light in weight and install easily like traditional wall siding or cladding.
By: jim mcelroy
Aug. 14, 2009 - PRLog -- Romeo RIM, Inc. announces its new FinishStone product line, aimed at residential and light commercial building applications.  FinishStone is an engineered system of composite stone panels that make stone remodeling and construction projects easy and cost efficient.  FinishStone panels are very realistic and durable, but lightweight and easy to install.  The panels are waterproof, mold resistant and highly impact resistant.  Their natural colors are provided by rugged iron oxides, the same as cement-based manufactured stone.  Yet FinishStone panels install like traditional wall cladding, with no need for masonry skills, mortar cement, or structural reinforcement.

FinishStone is made from molds crafted from real stones, but in panels of multiple stones rather than individual ones.  Each panel covers 2 or 4 square feet, depending on the design.  The full system includes pre-formed corners and ledgers.  The FinishStone difference comes from Romeo RIM Company’s expertise in the composite manufacturing technology.  This proprietary product line is covered by multiple patents.  To create the look and feel of stone, and provide UV protection, iron oxide pigments are fused to a panel substrate in a sophisticated reaction injection molding (RIM) process.  The substrate material is a high density polyurethane closed cell foam, which also provides an insulating R value of 2.5 to 4, depending upon the design.   Weighing in at a little over a pound per square foot, FinishStone is easy to handle and transport.

FinishStone comes in two stone designs, each available in three colors.  RockFace evokes the hand-chiseled elegance of natural limestone in various stone sizes while offering clean, classic lines.  StackStone provides a modern horizontal look with rustic charm from its narrow profile and minimal mortar joints.  Each of them is available in Stormy Sky gray, Desert Blend tan, and River Ridge earth tone colors.

The panels are easy to install with standard tools.  FinishStone panels can be cut with a regular wood saw, and screwed and/or glued for quick, secure installation over wood, poured cement, block, or metal panels.  Touch-up and repairs are easily done with a synthetic mortar that comes in matching colors.  Raised ridges molded into the back of
the panels allow any moisture to flow out or evaporate.   The panels can be installed in most weather conditions, making job scheduling easier.   FinishStone’s easy installation method is quickly mastered by siding contractors, giving them the opportunity to participate in the growing stone siding market.

All FinishStone components and styles are backed by a 20-year limited warranty.   Using FinishStone, any building can have the popular, upscale look of crafted stone – without adding excessive time or cost to the project.

About FinishStone div of Romeo RIM, Inc.
Romeo RIM Inc. is a leading manufacturer of reaction injection molded products, headquartered in Romeo, Michigan.   Founded in 1982, Romeo RIM has engineered and produced composite product solutions for truck, bus and agricultural equipment customers, including decorative and structural panels for a variety of applications.  More recently, the company has leveraged its technology and manufacturing capabilities to enter the energy, spa, and building products industries.  For more information on FinishStone or Romeo RIM, visit or

Jim McElroy
VP, Sales & Marketing
FinishStone div. of Romeo RIM, Inc.

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About FinishStone div. of Romeo RIM Inc: Manufacturer of composite products for both decorative and structural panel applications.

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