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A couple of weeks ago The Belvedere Clinic was pleased to announce that it was now offering Well Man and Well Woman checks. But many people are still unsure of the major benefits of a Well Man or Well Woman check so we've got them right here.
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Aug. 11, 2009 - PRLog -- It's a relatively new concept amongst consumers and as such many people have yet to hear of Well Man or Well Woman clinics and those that have, tend to have very little idea of what they offer.

In short the Well Man or Well Woman check gives you total peace of mind that you know the state of your body and what you need to do to stay healthy for as long as possible.
At The Belvedere Clinic a Gold graded Well Man or Well Woman health check will test you for not only current conditions that you may have but can also identify certain things that you may be at risk from in the future and give you advice about what you can do to limit or even eradicate the risk.

Listed below are some of the main test that are run during your visit to a Well Man or Well Woman check at The Belvedere Clinic.

Included in the Gold graded package is a check of your Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Urea Creatinine and Phosphate Levels to name a few. In addition to this you will have an:

AST check for liver damage
ALT check for liver injury
CK check for heart damage
DH check for celiac disease
and a total protein, calcium, glucose and HDL/LDL cholesterol check.

If this wasn't enough the Gold graded package will also see you having a Prostate Profile, CA19-9 for pancreatic, biliary tumours and a Urinalysis.

The Well Woman Gold graded package is very much the same as the Well Man checks but with the addition of the following:
CA125 for ovarian cancer
CA27-29 for breast cancer

Now you may be thinking that this is an awful lot of tests and checks to be performed in one day and is it all necessary. Well that decision is entirely up to you. What a Well Man or Well Woman check offers you is a total breakdown of you health, not just your blood pressure or your BMI but a comprehensive analysis of your health both past, present and even future.

Many people have thought why spend the money on all those checks but in reality it's a small price to pay if it means that you can reduce the risk of future serious illness or increase your immunity to conditions that could limit your quality of life.

For further details about Well Man and Well Woman health checks at The Belvedere Clinic and for a full list of the checks carried out and prices of each package (Bronze, Silver, Gold), visit:

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The Belvedere Clinic has built an enviable reputation for increasing client's self-confidence as a direct result of improving their appearance. Everyday we see the successful results of treatments where cosmetic surgery results go beyond physical benefits.
We have also recently added a range of treatments such as hyperhidrosis of the armpits, which can be treated to stop excessive sweating allowing people to relax in the sun with their friends without the embarassment of sweat patches.
Additionally the recently launched Well Man and Well Woman checks have been designed to give you total peace of mind that you know all your body's health secrets.
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