Fast Growing Conservative Blog Enters Fray With "Arrogant Government"

Conservative bloggers have been accused of being a problem in this country by many on the wrong side of the health care argument. This couldn't be further from the truth states co founder of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels blog Rich Hilts.
Aug. 10, 2009 - PRLog -- Conservative bloggers have been accused of being a problem in this country by many on the left side of the health care argument. This couldn't be further from the truth states co founder of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels blog Rich Hilts.

"We see ourselves as concerned citizens who are expressing dissenting views about ideas the government is espousing. If people were intellectually honest enough to read our articles, they would see we slam both sides of the government at this juncture. There is no "party" in our thinking anymore - just right and wrong. And their thinking with all this spending at the gates of a major depression is just wrong."

"The questions we have to ask ourselves is 1. Why are they so afraid to hear the voices of the American people? 2. Why are they still thinking so parochially - when America as a whole is in trouble and spending for items in the Federal Budget that don't have a national interest - what does it matter what district the dissent is heard from? 3. Why isn't the media pouncing on hypocrisy to the extent of 40 years of leftist protests, many of which have gone into violent extremes when the leftists come on television to talk about mobs/people out of control?"

The articles that the 22 writers on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels or write are often poignant, hard hitting, emotional and show the anger of the people who the Congresspeople seem to want to disassociate themselves from.

Articles ranging from an interesting solution to illegal immigration that would respect the immigrant, allow them citizenship after 3 years and respect with no record to an alternative health care solution that could be enacted almost immediately with little Federal cost to the taxpayers or loss of personal control or privacy are well written and often backed up with quotes, vidoes and graphs instead of wild speculation.

Having already appeared on a few radio shows, Rich Hilts has already started a 2nd simple web site to promote communications with a central calendar open to ALL conservatives no matter what their group is. People can join for free and put their local, state and national events online so that conservatives can issue a call to action and as Rich states, "Hopefully we can bring millions of voices together to allow the true conservative strength to be felt through action. We aren't wanting to become the leader of a movement, but a tool to allow ALL conservative movements to coordinate like we are being accused of right now. If we can get this to work, the left will have reason to be afraid."

Rich, staying busy, has also started a late night Blog Talk Radio show - drscoundrels. He states that he is using 3 formats - 2 different 1 hour shows to talk about particular issues in one and breaking down government bills in the other - trying to illustrate the, in his words,
"Insanity coming out of the Congress - both in resolutions and bills that they shouldn't as a Federal government be involved in and that waste time and money."

The third show is going to be a short 30 minute show to help people who want to be involved and active in politics but don't understand basic terms that are thrown around inside the beltway or how the government works in simple terms. "We're hoping to eventually get government people on the air with us as we get larger audiences with requests for information to answer their questions and help educate folks to bring them up to speed so politics isn't so daunting," says Rich.

In answer to the question about involvement with any companies or groups, Rich states "I haven't received anything from any one. I haven't been in contact with anyone besides a few small groups on the Net at this point. I can't even get the attention of the politicians or heavyweights in the conservative movement, yet. But we are going to start grassroots fundraising in the next week or so to allow us to start spreading the word face to face."

When he was asked if he received any money from anyone as a backer, he laughed and said, "I haven't received a dime from one single company, special interest group. I'm doing this on my own time and my own dime. I don't have all that much money to my name and I have had to take a pay cut to help my company in these tough times. I don't know why unions, Congress or any government official can't do the same considering, but they keep spending like drunken sailors, yell at us when we ask them to stop, and now SEIU goons are beating up peaceful protesters. And people wonder why we're upset? That shows their level of being isolated from the truth in America, and it's time they got educated. Our message is simple. 2010 isn't far away and if we have anything to say about it - the Logical Choice will be in the mix making a difference."

It would seem in talking with the people of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels or reading the Logical Choice site at, the folks on the left might not want to keep egging folks like these on. The broom might be an awfully big one come 2010, and if the Congress is determined not to hear the voices of America as a whole, they are going to be looking very surprised come November 2010.

Ask Mr. Corzine and Mr. Deeds. It looks like they might be a forerunner.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels can be seen at
Logical Choice can be seen at

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