Is Your Doctor Prescribing Drugs That Can Kill You?

Many doctors remain uninformed of the dangers of synthetic hormones and continue to prescribe drugs that can kill. Using research and informed medical specialists we highlight the dangers that still abound in the prescribing of synthetic hormones.
By: Lance Chambers
Aug. 3, 2009 - PRLog -- Earlier this year the Wall Street Journal published an article written by three eminent doctors, Dr. Erika Shwartz, Dr. Kent Holtorf and Dr. David Brownstein on the dangers of synthetic hormones ( which was titled, “The Truth About Hormone Therapy”.

For many years, older women with menopause symptoms, almost 65 million of them in the U.S. today, have visited their doctors seeking some sort of relief. For the most part, physicians have prescribed those on the FDA approved list - Premarin, Provera and Prempro (a combination of the two) and all of these just happen to be synthetic.

In 1994, the US National Institutes of Health initiated a study of 16,000 women to determine the effectiveness of these drugs in alleviating the symptoms of menopause, as well as how effective they were in protecting aging women from heart attacks, strokes, osteoporosis and cancer.

The study came to an abrupt halt on July 9, 2002, when it was proven that the drugs were not safe but actually increased the risk of heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer. This led doctors to immediately take their patients off these drugs – much to the annoyance of Wyeth the manufacturer of these drugs.

As can be expected millions of American women began experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. In response and with almost total contempt of standard clinical protocols the American College of Obstetrics developed new guidelines recommending that physicians prescribe these same dangerous drugs, but in lower doses for shorter periods of time. What is a further stunning revelation is that the American College of Obstetrics acted without having scientifically proven the effectiveness or safety of this "low dose" option and that the FDA did not immediately ban the prescribing of these, now proven, deadly drugs, write Drs. Erika Schwartz, Kent Holtorf and David Brownstein, founding members of the non-profit Bioidentical Hormone Initiative, in their Wall Street Journal article.

As the editorial points out, Premarin and Provera continue to dominate the market - and the manufacturers do little to educate doctors about the benefits of bioidenticals in treating symptoms. Yet, the effectiveness and safety of natural progesterone, which is identical to the hormone molecule produced by our own bodies, is backed by 25 years of scientific research and over 200 studies done in the U.S. and Europe. In fact, it has been proven that the bioidentical hormones, testosterone, estradiol and micronized progesterone are as effective or more so than the dangerous synthetics - but are, in all cases, far safer. But still those in the mainstream of medicine have buried their heads in the sand and refused to consider these studies in their decision making and prescribing practises.

According to Drs. Schwartz, Holtorf and Brownstein, "The medical establishment must stop kowtowing to drug companies and start serving women's best interests-and that involves widely prescribing bioidentical hormones. This will lead to healthier, happier women, and in the long run, help reduce America's skyrocketing healthcare costs." Fortunately, many millions of women, some with encouragements from pioneering women such as Oprah Winfrey and Suzanne Somers, are beginning to embrace bioidenticals, leaving, write the doctors, "their conventional physicians looking stubborn and foolish."

While people all over Europe, New Zealand, Asia and Australia have long used bioidenticals, no commercially available bioidentical hormones existed in the U.S. until 1998, when a few pharmaceutical companies obtained FDA approval for an array of bioidentical estrogen preparations and one progesterone preparation. Unfortunately, due to drug companies running the medical profession by controlling what goes into medical education, most doctors never get any education or information about bioidentical hormones or the way in which different hormones work. With Premarin and Provera totally dominating the market, drug companies had no incentive to spread the word.

The medical establishment must stop kowtowing to drug companies and start serving their patient's best interests - and that involves widely prescribing bioidentical hormones. This will lead to healthier, happier people and, in the long run, help reduce America's unsustainable and insanely skyrocketing health-care costs.

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They are also funding ongoing research into the medical conditions that can be assisted by the use of these hormones.

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