300 Takes 3G LIVE - Philanthropy, promotion, progress

Combatting negative stereotypes commonly associated w/ hip hop, the new group 300 is donating their World Debut concert to the 3G College Fund Program & its first recipient, Honesty Brennan. The concert is due to be broadcast LIVE online @ 3GLIVE.tv.
Aug. 2, 2009 - PRLog -- 300 TAKES 3G LIVE
Philanthropy, promotion and progress

by D. Starr
The Pretty Publicists

August 2, 2009, Atlanta, GA - Three young men from Peoria, Illinois, are being introduced on August 18, 2009, at the world premiere of the very first Ultimate Dream Concert - a live and exclusively broadcasted concert  and event hosted in Atlanta, GA. The event will be broadcasted live on 3GLive.TV , channel UDC (www.ultimatedreamconcert.com) from Crowe’s Nest Mega-Plex, College Park, GA.
This event, though slated to be one of many, will be the piloting event for the Ultimate Dream Concert under the groundbreaking online television network concept, 3GLive. TV - the brainchild and combined efforts of Posh Platinum and 3G Live Media and Entertainment, but with a unique twist. The guys of 300 are donating their time and talent for a more honorable purpose other than for profit. These young men have requested that a portion of all proceeds be donated to the 3G College Fund Program - a program created to assist thriving students, adversely affected by the recession, continue and complete their college education.
Touched by the recent artistic loss and legacy of Michael Jackson, and as commandeered by President Obama in his recent NAACP address, Walter Anthony Bradford, Montelle Talley and Micki Watkins decided to do more than simply talk about change. They decided to assert one.
It was discovered that a college intern, Honesty Brennan (cyber pseudonym Digital Honesty), may be losing one of the greatest opportunities of her lifetime. As a remnant of the current recession, Florida A & M University was forced to dissolve a number of scholarship programs. Honesty's college education was being threatened.
Montell Talley told us, "There was no way that we could simply sit around and watch this happen. Hony has done too much to assist us and is much too talented to miss this opportunity. We're a relatively new group that has been fortunate enough to have established a pretty decent fan base. We believed that if we called on our fans, they could come through for us. I guess it falls back to the African precept that 'it takes a village'. We spoke with our management and it catapulted from there. This is only the beginning. But it is a beginning."
Excluding the live and in-person performance, this concert will be aired on August 18, 2009, exclusively over the Internet which makes it trans-mobile. Practically any web-enabled device, from notebooks to cellular phones, gaming consoles and computers, will be able to access this historic event.
Walter Anthony Bradford, the senior member of the group also known as Montana, shared, "this is not just a celebration of music, but rather of life. As the King of Pop put it so eloquently, 'together, we can make a change'."
For more information about the Ultimate Dream Concert or 3G Live.TV, go to www.ultimatedreamconcert.com. For booking information for 300, go to booking300@poshplatinum.com. For ticketing, contact Posh Platinum at ticketsales@3glive.tv.

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