My Personal Experience with SCJP Certification

Hi, My name is Ravi, I am from India and working as a software Professional.I recently completed my SCJP 5.0 certification with 83% and want to share my experience with you.I hope this will help all aspiring candidate.
By: Ravi Singh
July 31, 2009 - PRLog -- About SCJP 5.0 certification exam

Sun’s SCJP 5.0 certification validates your ability to design applications using Java 2 SE 5.0 technology. Passing this test is essential for you if you want to achieve Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (SCJD), Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the J2EE Platform (SCWCD), Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD), Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD), Oracle Certified Solution Developer and Oracle Certified Enterprise Developer programs, and the Master CIW Enterprise Developer certifications.
SCJP 5.0 certification requirements

You just have to pass one exam i.e. CX-310-055 to achieve the SCJP 5.0 certification. Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, it would be helpful if you have hands on experience using the basic syntax of Java language.
Benefits of SCJP certification

   * SCJP certification proves your expertise on the Sun Java products and technologies.
   * Professionals holding the SCJP certification are preferred by the employers and they also get preference in promotions.
   * SCJP certification is helpful for professionals who want to upgrade their credentials and get recognition from the industry.
   * SCJP Certified professional can find appropriate jobs easily and get paid more.

Lets discuss how to prepare for it.

Preparation: This is the most important phase of SCJP.First you have to brush up all your basis fundamentals in Core Java.You can use following books for that:

   * The complete Reference Java
   * SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide (Exam 310-055) by Katherine Sierra

There are lot of other book also to refresh Java basis, but I would say this much Java knowledge is enough to clear the test.Specially book by Katherine Sierra is very much important to score more marks in SCJP.You should study all chapter thoroughly and try to complete all review question given at the end.If you face any problem in that review question give the end of every chapter, you should go back and read the chapter again.
The complete reference is a good book for referring any concept which you missed or did not find in the other book.

Test Simulator: Here comes the second part, after completing those two books you need to prepare yourself for test simulator.This is very important step as it will determine how much you learn and whether you are ready for the exam or not.After finishing the basis in core Java you should know where you stand.Test simulator will help you in determining whether its right time to go, in which chapter or topics you are poor and then you can go back and prepare again.
As there are lot of simulator available in the market, I personally recommend you Ucertify test simulator for SCJP.This is an excellent tool I found and it helped me a lot in working with difficult topics like generics and collection.After completing the books I was not aware which part of my preparation is weak and needs improvement.I went for Ucertify test and found that topics like generics and collection, I am scoring less marks.I went back to book and refer those topic again and guess what I got better marke in my final exam in generics and collection.
Thanks to Ucertify.

Lets discuss about Ucertify.

1. Guided tour of uCertify PrepKit features:

PrepKit CX310-055, Java 5.0 is an interactive software that helps you learn, tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam. This PrepKit contains 7 interactive practice tests with over 801 challenging questions guaranteed to comprehensively cover all the objectives for the CX310-055: exam. With detailed analysis for each question, over 249 study notes, interactive quizzes, tips and technical articles, this PrepKit ensures that you get a solid grasp of core technical concepts to ace your certification exam.
What I like best is they are offering 100% money back gurantee which means if you don’t get certified in the first attempt, they will return your money.

This is the first screen you will see after purchase and installing it on your PC.

You will have 7 section of practice test each comprising of 75 question.You will also have diagnostic test of 15 question, besides that there will be a final test with 40 question.The best part I liked was 236 question of in form of quiz.You will also have option to create custom test by which you can choose your topic and number of question, Its a really nice option to work on topic

where you feel you are not strong and need to work on!

On the right hand side you will have tips and tricks on SCJP which proved out to be very helpful for me:

The complete simulator will cost you $74.98 which I think worth investing as it is related to your career and also comparing to the features and importance of this test,it is worth putting money in this.
There is a trial version also available which you can use to judge its importance, but purchasing is a nice option as it gives you more feature and control over your exam.Following is the difference between trial and final version as given in the website respectively.

Full length interactive tests   1   7
Challenging questions with full explaination(inc. Quiz)    15
Articles, How Tos.., Tips   yes   yes
Study Notes   40   249
Detailed reports and analysis tools   yes   yes
No timelimit, no registration   yes   yes
No adware, malware or spyware    yes   yes
24X7 Support   no   yes
Unlimited upgrade up to 1 year   no    yes
Unconditional 100% money back guarantee   no   yes

2. How to use uCertify PrepKit effectively:

To get maximum out of uCertify always start it after completing basic as I mentioned the books above.Do not jump directly to simulator.The best way is first study tips like Exam bjective,study notes, articles, and study tips.Then go for interactive quiz as it always refresh your preparation and get some confidence if you studied well.Then go for practice test and find weak topics of preparation, A custom test can also help you in that.

3. How uCertify contributed to My success:

As I discussed earlier also the biggest benefit I have received from uCertify is I came to know about my weakest topics i.e, Generics and collection, then I worked again on these topic and able to solve most of problems based on that.And all it took me couple of days to do that.The tips and study material also helped me a lot to work on last finishing touch for exam.Flash card helped me to memorize important point at the last.Anf best part was customize test by which I only concentrate on test mainly comprise of generics, collection, and concurrency.

Final Touch for Exam: Once your basic and simulator will be over you will be ready for exam.just follow this simple tricks just before the exam:

   * Book your venue and time for test well before advance.Don't rush for it.
   * Always it will be advised to take test in morning, you will be fresh
   * Don't work or study hard just before one night of test
   * Its better to revise important point given in the simulator just before one day of exam
   * During exam don't panic and always attempt easy question first
   * Take special care during matching type of question as If you try to open that question again the previous answer will be delete and you have to attempt that question again
   * Drink water before the test

For more info go to this blog:

I hope this will help your success in the SCJP.Do write your comments to me @

To your suceess,

Ravi P Singh

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