Do Topical Antibiotics Work For Acne?

Topical antibiotics are known for delivering visible results in shorter periods of time.
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July 30, 2009 - PRLog -- They are especially effective in treating inflammatory acne. Inflammatory acne involves reddish and painful lesions on the face that often cause disfiguring, darkened scars. Two of the most popular topical antibiotics are:

- Clindamycin
- Erythromycin

You may use these antibiotics alongside other acne treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These products are also known to treat the following conditions:

- Acne
- Rosacea
- Perioral dermatitis
- Shaving bumps
- Acne-like skin problems

How Do Topical Antibiotics Work on Acne?

How do these products manage to control acne lesions? Unlike other topical remedies that have only a 50% or 75% chance of killing the unwanted bacteria in the skin, these products were designed to kill bacteria.

Topical antibiotics directly affect the skin in two ways:

1. Strong antimicrobial action, inhibiting the further growth of P. acnes inside the pores of the skin.
2. Anti-inflammatory action that helps control the formation and growth of painful skin lesions that are associated with inflammatory acne.

Acne Products that Contain Topical Antibiotics

You're never tied to just one brand when you're looking for acne treatment. The following are popular brands in the market that make use of topical antibiotics and the concentrations of the active ingredients:

- Branded generics (solution, gel, swabs and lotion), 2%
- A/T/S solution & gel (2%)
- Theramycin Z solution (2%, contains zinc)
- Akne-Mycin ointment (2%)
- Erycette pledglets (2%)
- Staticin solution (1.5%)
- Cleocin T solution, gel, lotion, pledglets (1%)
- ClindaMax gel & lotion (1%)
- Clindets pledglets (1%)

How to Use Topical Antibiotics for Acne Treatment?

Usually, these products are applied at least once a day. The effects would be seen in a month or a month and two weeks, depending on your own skin's response to the treatment.

The first sign that the products are working is that your painful lesions are beginning to subside. There might be some scarring but the important thing here is that the bacteria is beginning to lose its hold on the skin.

One disadvantage to using these products is the recurrence of the acne, this time with strains of anaerobic bacteria that can withstand the interference of antibiotics. In this case, you should use benzoyl peroxide to prevent this from happening.

Topical Antibiotics Side Effects on Acne

There are three main side effects:

1. Redness
2. Irritation (allergies)
3. Scaling or increased dryness of the skin

These side effects occur when the user of the products is unable to tolerate the active ingredients. Fortunately, most acne sufferers are comfortable with using them.

People who suffer from eczema may experience the following:

- Irritation
- Burning of the skin

Break the Back Acne Circle - Stop Making These Mistakes
Most people make mistakes when it comes to curing skin problems such as back acne. People tend to look for a short fix rather than a permanent solution. They always make things worse. After reading this article, you should be able to avoid these mistakes and get a clean back.

People always try to find the immediate fixes. When back acne occur, people usually panic and try to fix it as quickly as possible. This often results in using the bad treatment such as scratching and squeezing. What you need should be a permanent solution which can stop the acne from appearing in the future and avoid possible scars. Once you understand this, it will not be difficult for you to avoid another mistake that people make.

People always worsen the situation. They don't wear slack or airy clothes. Slack and ventilating clothes are important for the skin on the back to breathe. This will not only help with the current acne conditions, but also prevent further acne from occurring.

Another mistake that people make to make the back acne worse is incorrect washing. It's difficult to reach your back when taking a shower. This is the reason why you should wash it more seriously. Washing it properly can exfoliate the skin on the back and reduce the risks of acne breakouts. If you cannot find someone to help you, you can use a Loofah.

Acne Remedies - Three Acne Remedies That Will Clear Up Your Skin and Kill Your Acne
Acne remedies are so abundant they should come a dime a dozen these days.  Unfortunately, acne product companies know they can rip off acne sufferers, so they charge an arm and a leg for products they know are harmful or just plain don't work.  So how can you find acne remedies that will work for you without having to pay through your zit-covered nose?

Unfortunately, a lot of time choosing the right acne products is spent doing trial and error.  When you don't know what works, you buy a few products, try them all out, and determine which one worked the best.  But that costs a lot of money and time.  I hope to save you from both by giving you three options that have worked the best for me with my acne condition.

1. Proactiv: Yes, Proactiv really works.  You might not like Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Love Hewitt, Proactiv's top endorsers, but that shouldn't keep you from trying out the product.  They have great plans that start around $20 per kit for a 2-month supply.  You can't buy an acne system for much cheaper than that even if you were to purchase some at Walmart or Target.

2. Microdermabrasion: For tough-to-get-rid-of zits, I recommend making a microdermabrasion appointment.  It can cost up to $100 or so for one treatment, but I can't tell you how many acne scars I've prevented (and helped heal) by using microdermabrasion.

3. A 3-day Acne Diet: There's no true way to know if pizza, chocolate, and soda pop are bad for your acne, but I personally know a 3-day diet can work wonders on your skin.  It gets rid of the cysts that are difficult to get rid of otherwise, and since it works from the inside-out, it's a lot quicker than putting products and creams on your skin.  This option is actually one of the cheapest overall, because it barely costs $40, and you can use it whenever you need it, and it never runs out.

Acne Scar Laser Treatment - Do Not Leave a Single Loop Hole
Are you in search of the latest acne scar laser treatment? What is your major concern regarding acne scar removal? What is hindering you to go to the local medical spa? Is this the cost, which is stopping you to dish out the cash to get did of ugly scars?

If yes then read on to have a fair idea.

The cost depends upon the type of the patient's skin and the degree of acne scarring. The individuals with acne scars have to go through a Fraxel treatment once a month for consecutive three months and then 6 months after the last acne scar laser treatment.

After three months of treatment 50%~75% improvement is seen in 90% patients. Side effects of this treatment include redness and swelling in many patients. No patient experience wounds, skin discoloration or scarring due to laser. The size of the scarred area also influences the cost of treatment. Obviously larger area requires more time for the treatment and the cost goes up.

Still a rough idea is that for minor scar a person should be ready to pay around US$600~US $1500. More severe scar may even require US $3000 - US $ 6000. The credentials of physicians and the geographic location also affects the cost.

Important Pre-Laser Acne Treatment Tip

There are some acne scar laser treatment tips which you should take into consideration before starting the treatment

Ask the doctor which laser treatment he is going to use for your scarring.
Check from various sources the patients that have used this type of laser treatment.
Ask the doctors that how many treatments will be require
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