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Love. Relationships and the role of karma. The spiritual component in sexuality. These topics—and more—are examined in the latest eBook and podcast from The Summit Lighthouse.
July 22, 2009 - PRLog -- We all have relationships.  Some seem blessed, others not.  Why?  Could it be that the relationships we forge are more than merely happenstance?  Are they perhaps karmic?  And how can we know the difference?
    At times, we’ve all felt a special bond with someone, as if we already knew them before actually meeting.  This can be especially true with our spouses.  But what is it that sometimes makes the attraction so compelling?
     In exploring this theme in detail, Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells us that the quest for love—and for that perfect partner—is really a quest for wholeness.
     Learn about soul mates, twin flames and karmic relationships, and you will come to understand why you attract certain loves into your life.  And why even the most difficult relationship can be a springboard to the perfect love you desire.

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