Redefining Candle Shopping offering custom Eco-friendly scented candles in over 1000 Candle Scents.

Redefining Candle Shopping by offering custom Eco-friendly scented candles in over 1000 Candle Scents. This online candle shop exceeds candle lovers expectations by offering handmade custom candles made your way! No other candle company can compare.
By: Texas Triple Scented Candle Company
July 18, 2009 - PRLog -- - America's Largest Online Hand Poured Scented Candle Store is your one stop candle shop for all your scented candle needs & desires.

This online candle store is such a fun place to shop especially for the true candle lover. If you burn scented candles then this is one unique candle store you don't want to miss shopping at

Our online scented candle store offers you 1000 candle fragrances as well as the strongest scented custom candles made your way! Every candle is hand poured using the highest quality all natural Palm wax or our Special Blend wax (3-waxes-in-1), cotton wicks, wood wicks and high grade fragrance oils. Our Palm Wax Candles enable us to offer you Eco-friendly candles as Palm wax is a renewable resource.

It's great to be able to order a triple scented Eco-friendly candle in your favorite scent as well your favorite color or perhaps you will want to match the candle color to your home or office decor, the choice is yours!

The selection is incredible you pick your candle style and size by choosing from different jar candle styles, pillar candles in numerous sizes, votive candles, tart melts and so much more. You are going to be amazed at your selections and you will fall in love with these candles as they are the strongest scented candles you will love to burn!

Buy a Texas Triple Scented Candle today and discover why we say, when you burn a Texas Triple Scented Candle we are confident we will become your candle company of choice! But don't just take our word for it check out the professional candle review that was conducted by CandleFind, you can find a link to the review at ( can also find plenty of customer testimonials ( the site and customer reviews.

This is a great online store to buy high quality super scented candles as gifts or for your wedding decor, even better it is a great place to shop for a little something for yourself. These days we are all saving money but still need to treat ourselves to something special and a Texas Triple Scented Candle is that perfect special treat that you deserve!

What is your favorite candle fragrance? Now check out the list of over 1000 candle scents @, likely you will find your favorite scent but if not no worries because we also offer a fantastic service called Create-A-Scent. Using our Create-A-Scent services offered at we will duplicate your favorite fragrance.

To make your candle shopping even more exciting you have to try our SHOP-by-SCENT category. Using our shop by scent section of our online store you choose the scent you want then choose your type of candle, color & size. We are adding new scents daily to our SHOP-by-SCENT category until we reach our goal of 1000 Scent choices. 

Pretty awesome right, a candle company that is redefining online candle shopping by offering such incredible selections of high quality handmade candles and customer service you can count on!

Here is another great fact we offer a flat rate shipping charge of only $8.50 and it doesn't matter how much you buy or how many pounds your order totals we will ship to anywhere in the USA for one flat rate. Do you live in one state and have someone in another state you want to send a gift to let Texas Triple Scented Candle Company ship it for you, no going to the shopping mall and then to the post office just let take care of your gifts and your shipping needs.

With the beauty of soft flickering candle light and adoring aromas you will love having Texas Triple Scented Candles burning through out your home.

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Shop the original Texas Triple Scented Candle Company, America’s Largest Online Handmade Triple Scented Candle Shop. The strongest scented candles in 1000 Candle Fragrances. Custom Candles made your way pick your candle style, scent, size, color & more.

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