Salient Features About Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the process of marketing products and services on the internet. It is quicker and less expensive than some of the traditional marketing practices such as personal selling.
By: Carrie Bliss
July 11, 2009 - PRLog -- In the electronic age it is all about internet marketing. It has found a firm foothold in the marketing world. What is internet marketing? When a product is sold in the market through internet it is known as internet marketing. Many people spend a lot of their time on the internet so the markets for the products in internet are very huge. Nowadays people depend more and more on the internet marketing as the cost that is involved in the distribution of information to the people is reduced drastically.

There are a few salient features that have to be said about internet marketing. It allows for a larger coverage of people than the other traditional marketing practices. It is a combination of both the creative aspects and the technological features of marketing. It involves the structured method of sales, advertisements and product development.

The internet marketing covers various services like behavioral marketing, digital marketing, E-mail marketing, displays and advertisements in the web pages. Interactive advertising is possible in internet marketing. Market research can also be undertaken through internet marketing. The other services that are rendered are pay per click, blogging and software based marketing.

The other important aspect to be kept in mind about internet marketing is that it does not only mean advertisements alone but it strives to work with a cohesive strategy keeping in mind the principles and the target of the company through the proper advertisements and the media available to reach the given market.

This kind of marketing differs from the other traditional types of marketing like personal selling and advertising in television and newspapers.  The best thing about internet marketing is that it is comparatively less expensive than traditional marketing methods. Customers can check out the product features and compare the product with other similar products before making a purchase decision. Online purchases can be made at any time of the day or night.

Another important feature about internet marketing is that its effectiveness can be statistically measured and tested. The potential customers click the advertisements on various websites. They click on the banners also. It is always possible to monitor how many clicks have been made on the various advertisements and the banners. They can be electronically tracked and the statistical data can be provided about the number of people who have seen the particular product. This kind of accurate statistical data is not possible in the other traditional advertising methods like books, magazines or pamphlets where it will be impossible to determine how many potential customers have had a look at the product. The image of the particular brand and its design is imprinted in the customers’ minds.

However, not all features about internet marketing are positive. Internet marketing requires the use of latest technology. Today, internet technology is growing at such a rapid pace that what may seem unique today becomes obsolete tomorrow. Internet marketers have their work cut out for them. They have to design their online marketing websites in such a way that there is flexibility to incorporate future technological changes. The scope for online business is huge. It is up to online businessmen to take advantage of the business opportunities the World Wide Web provides.

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