Single Mom taking the Cooking World by Storm one internet network at a time!

The Ghetto Cooking Show serves up 20 minutes of meals and laughs.
By: Word On The Street
July 9, 2009 - PRLog -- Cooking shows are nothing new, but introducing this method as an entertaining, recreational activity for a single mother and her twin daughters is a new concept that’s catching on to viewers via the internet worldwide. The Ghetto Cooking Show has taken what has traditionally been known for some as a cumbersome task and turned it into a comedic, doable pastime. Show host Sheila Chadwick is front and center bringing what she calls “Ghetto Fabulousness” to every meal she prepares. She explained, “It's called The Ghetto Cooking Show because everything that is done is unorthodox. I'm not concerned with the average cooking shows standards. I love to cook and I'm going to show people that you can work with whatever you have and still create a wonderful meal”.

In 2009 Sheila met Comedian Royale Watkins on Facebook. Royale started a video blogging phenomenon with Sheila being one of his earliest followers. While looking for unique ways of promoting her book Dramedy: Short Stories of Urban Chronicles, Royale suggested that Sheila participate in video blogging herself. Instead of following the trend of being a face-on commentator Sheila decided to follow one of her passions and cook. The Ghetto Cooking Show focuses on preparing meals using whatever you have in your house. The show was an overnight hit and is well received by viewers. It quickly became a Facebook favorite and has expanded all over the internet. Early on Sheila was approached by a then new company called FilmRookie to partner up on online video streaming. She opted to work with them instead of YouTube finding the company gave her more flexibility and leg to create. “YouTube has a 10 minute limit and there’s no way I can cook a dish in 10 minutes. However, FilmRookie grants me 20 minutes and within that time, I’m not only able to create and complete the dish, I’m actually able to beat Rachel Ray’s 30 minute record. She’d better watch out!”

Filming each episode in the kitchen of her own home with the help of her 16 year old daughters Anetra and Ashlee, the twins are an important part of the process. “The response of the show incorporating me with the girls has been amazing. We’ve been able to reach a wide range of audience members consisting of all ages, races, etc. Each week and with each episode, I get nothing but praises.” Sheila goes on to say, “I will admit that initially using the girls was solely for the reason of having no one else to use to film me but as we approached episode 4 or 5 it occurred to me that the concept is brilliant: Am internet realty show with a single mom of teenaged twin daughters, gathering in the kitchen, cooking meals and conversing about everything under the sun. Best part is that we are now the pioneers of this.”

Growing popularity of the show has motivated Sheila to expand this brand beyond cooking meals. Not only does she sell Ghetto Cooking Show apparel she recently held a contest to find a Theme Song. The winner singer/songwriter Fred Armstrong penned a poignant tune with catchy lyrics that have translated into the show’s slogan of “Ain’t nothing like some Ghetto Cooking. When you’re hungry, tune in to The Ghetto Cooking Show…cause it’s always good!” In addition, Sheila created an e-book of the recipes she created in the first 10 episodes. “Food for me is so much more than just eating. It’s about the sharing and the caring and I wanted to find a way another way to connect with the viewers but most importantly a way to give back to the community so a portion of the proceeds are donated to The Glide Memorial Foundation out of my hometown San Francisco, CA.” Glide Memorial Foundation's Daily Free Meals Program serves three free nutritious meals to the city's poor, homeless and hungry every single day.  

For its viewers, The Ghetto Cooking show advocates quality time for family, conversing, home cooking, taking time out of busy schedules to network and bond and most importantly, comedic relief. To the world of Cooking for entertainment, make room for Sheila, Anetra & Ashlee because they are in grasp of the hearts, computers and kitchens around the world.  The series is taped and aired weekly and can be viewed online globally.
For more information about Sheila Chadwick and The Ghetto Cooking Show, visit their website at theghettocookingshow dot com.

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