Entrepreneurs in New England Seize The Moment

While it is true that a lower percentage of investors are investing, finding investors is actually much easier in this day and age thanks to sites like the New England Investment Network.
July 8, 2009 - PRLog -- You hear it everywhere on the news these days.  Unemployment is up, companies are folding, and while the economy has stabilised somewhat, analysts everywhere tell us to take heed and proceed with care.

Generally speaking, loans have become harder to obtain, and even some angel investors have cut the amounts of capital that they are willing to invest.  And as a result, getting past that first step has become more difficult for potential entrepreneurs and new businesses.  

With less capital available, entrepreneurs do have one thing in their favour.  Starting up a company is cheaper than before, with many start-ups often using their own savings to get started for less than $20,000.  However, while it is true that a lower percentage of investors are investing, finding investors is actually much easier in this day and age. Thanks to sites like the New England Investment Network, entrepreneurs have more options to begin with, and more chances to seize the moment when the market is experiencing a little bit of a downturn.  

Gone are the days where entrepreneurs would look for start-up capital solely via local investors, and now they can use sites like the Angel Investment Network (which operates in over 60 countries) and search globally to find someone that may not be as closely located, but perhaps fits their niche and has the experience that they can benefit from.  It also gives existing small business entrepreneurs a better chance to expand the business into other countries.

Investors are exploring further in this market to find the right investment, be it globally or cross-country, such as the Boston based venture capital firms that recently invested venture capital in a Florida based company known to many (thanks to their Super Bowl advertisements featuring MC Hammer and the late Ed McMahon) as Cash4Gold.

As part of the world’s largest online angel investment community, New England Investment Network (http://www.newenglandinvestmentnetwork.com), connects entrepreneurs based in cities such as Boston, and across the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, with angel investors worldwide. A list of recent investment proposals from entrepreneurs based in New England is available at http://www.newenglandinvestmentnetwork.com/home/110

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The Angel Investment Network currently includes a wide range of US and International investors looking for investment opportunities, along with entrepreneurs in North East US looking to get their business off the ground.
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