Single Mom Gets $45K a year In Free Money and Scholarships for Cornell!!

A South Florida mom has gotten over $45k+ in free money and scholarships per year for her daughter to go to Cornell
By: Allyson Handel
July 6, 2009 - PRLog -- After attending to a Free College Financial Planning Workshop that College Planning PhD, Inc. hosted back in early 2008, Wanda came away with the knowledge that it was possible for her to send her daughter Brianna to an Ivy league school at an affordable price.

Brianna had the grades to get in, but how to pay the $50,000+ annual Cost of Attendance was always the question.
As a single mom, she thought she would have to default to a Florida school due to her bright futures and Florida prepaid. Not so.

Wanda took the next step. She met with J. Jay Greene, MBA of College Planning PhD, Inc. After reviewing her information, he knew he could help her fulfill her dream of sending her daughter to an Ivy League school for less than the cost of a Florida school.

He made sure she would get the most Free money, Grants and Scholarships for her daughter and that she had applied to the correct number of schools, made sure all the numbers where crunched and all the deadlines met on time.

Wanda and her daughter, Brianna, are thrilled that she will be going to Cornell.
In fact, she is there right now, attending a special summer program that Cornell has paid for entirely.  She is going to Major in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis on Aerospace Engineering, and a Minor in Architecture.

Wanda’s out of pocket cost for Brianna’s Cornell Education will be about $7,500.00 a year.
Most of this will be covered by Interest Free Student Loans that do not have to be repaid until after Brianna’s Graduation from Cornell.

Now Wanda will begin focusing on a College Path for her son, Daniel, who is
almost 6 years old.  Wanda has 12 years to get him ready for the Ivy League.
I just have to keep his grades up and J. Jay Greene and his staff will take care of the Money.

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