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Learn how to generate usable electricity from wind solar energy. With this renewable energy, you can now power your home appliance and enjoy free supplies of electricity generated from the wind and the sun.
By: Andy O'Silliven
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July 3, 2009 - PRLog -- Wind Solar - Finding an ideal location to install your solar panel and wind mill is crucial for the maximization of their effectiveness. The important aspects to take into consideration include traffic and possibility of falling objects. Solar panels suit best on rooftops as they make a perfect platform to evenly support the panels.

The use of wind mill in an urban setting has some drawbacks. Most of these drawbacks have to done with the local building ordinances not being very excited over someone having these huge propellers in the back of their houses. Most neighbors would also fill complains if you decide to put up a wind mill on the side of your house that happens to be right outside one of the bedroom windows.

Although wind mills are reasonably quite apparatus, they still do make noises, especially the propeller blades that tend to chop at the air. Again, this noise might not bother you, but it might be a problem for your neighbors.

The ideal place for a windmill is on a farm or a business that is outside the city limits and has a lot of terrain available for windmill power. One of the better places to construct the wind mills is between buildings where any wind gets funneled in to create higher velocities, or near hillsides where the wind will have a tendency to be whipped into vortexes that are caught by the blades of the windmills thus generating electricity.

Although there are many Wind Solar do-it-yourself kits out there that you can purchase to make a wind mill and a solar panel, many of the components you need are readily available for little to no cost if you know what you are looking for. An instance, you can actually use anything from the stepper motor found in an old photocopier or printer for a small wind generator, all the way up to a car alternator for a larger electrical wind mill as the coil unit.

With many things found around the house you can come up with most of the components for your very own wind mill. The modifications you need to make are minimal and easy to do, most people with average to little skill can usually make up a working wind mill in just one weekend of work. As you make your own wind mill, you yourself will find ways to cut the production down or the right components and their source to make the subsequent wind mills much more efficient as well as easier to fabricate.

In terms of location, you will want it to be positioned to be in an area that will receive even the mildest of breezes to keep them running and generating electricity. Do an in-depth research of your house’s position and you may be surprised where the best flow of wind comes in.

When considering a wind mill or solar panel for your home, farm, or business make sure that this is allowed in the terms of the construction and erection of the units in your area. Wind mills have the most constraints on them because of their height off of the ground. You obviously cannot install these units near an airport for the obvious reasons. Do the research and pick out either the most suitable kit that you feel best suits your needs, or a ready built unit, or the do-it-yourself approach. No matter which approach you take, there is no doubt you will be rewarded with everlasting cheap, clean, 100% renewable wind solar energy!

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Andy O Silliven is an engineer and author in the fields of electrical engineering. He enjoys writing about the topic and keeping up with current events and research in the area of renewable energy sources.
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