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Dubbed as one of the fastest moving economic crimes, candidate data theft during the economic downturn is on the increase, with those in the recruitment and HR sector being hit the worst. Journalist Tina Clough spoke to Pan Eight Consulting...
July 3, 2009 - PRLog -- Dubbed as one of the fastest moving economic crimes, candidate data theft during the economic downturn is on the increase, with those in the recruitment and HR sector being hit the worst.  Journalist Tina Clough spoke to Pan Eight Consulting, the leading providers of technology consultancy specifically for Recruitment Companies to find out what can be done to reduce the problem and to find out if agencies in particular fighting a losing battle.

Sham Pandya, from the  firm said, “As job security takes a tumble and recruitment agencies experience a diminishing number of client job offers, the rise in data theft is inevitable.“

Based on a recent survey, among recruiters, 85 per-cent of data thefts are carried out by consultants who are promised a better job as a reward from a competitor and three quarters of data theft was found the to be carried out via a computer. Using methods such as burning data onto a CD, using a USB and email, of those who carried out data theft, 75 per-cent involved were males aged between 25-35.

For those who think these cases are extremely isolated- think again.  Earlier this year The Guardian reported that the personal details of millions of  job candidates on the infamous job site ‘Monster’ had been stolen, in what experts called one of the largest cases of data theft in the UK, highlighting that data theft is and should be a growing concern.

Using portable devices as a means of back-up, was an excellent idea a few years ago, but as the credit crunch begins to bite, those who store information on USB drives, MP3 players, mobile phones and digital cameras are leaving themselves open to data theft.  Able to store up to 32 gigabytes of information, the same size as an entire candidate database, a thumb-sized memory stick can be easily transported out of the office, without anyone knowing.

Many phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and cameras can also be connected to personal computers with a cable or infra-red link that can be used to transfer computer data and broadband connections arguable pose the greatest risk, as employees are able to transport huge quantities of data out of the office without anyone being aware of it until it is too late.

Ms Pandya, from the firm who specialise in technology solutions within recruitment, added, “There is no 100 per-cent preventative solution to tackling data theft, but here at Pan Eight we can make it much more difficult to steal that all important data.”

By analysing the kinds of information that is stored on the company networks, including who has access and what would happen if they were able to take it out of the office, Pan Eight can develop a tailor made solution to the individual problems faced by recruitment firms UK wide. Once this has been established, it is then possible to determine employee’s access to data on a need to know basis to make sure that only those who need access receive it and give those who do not require such high levels of access to candidate data limited access.  This can be achieved by creating passwords to protect sensitive information or files.

By outlining what your employees can do with confidential or business-critical data, will ensure that boundaries are built and that all employees are aware of the rules and even ban devices, block USB ports on computers and remove CD drives from all of your computers so that they cannot be used, thus removing the potential risk.

Finally, by ensuring that your current candidate database application or ATS has a clear audit trail of who is exporting large quantities of data out, you will again be in a position to track what is going on internally and tackle problems before it is too late.

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