IVF Treatment in Israel – High Success Rates at Considerably Lower Costs

For many couples that have been coping with infertility, in vitro fertilization or IVF treatment may be their only chance of conceiving and carrying their own biological child.
By: Sammy Lawford
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Haifa - Israel

June 25, 2009 - PRLog -- Most people assume that they will conceive and raise children one day; however, an increasing number of couples are struggling with fertility issues. For infertile couples, the stresses of not being able to conceive can be a devastating obstacle which can oftentimes threaten an otherwise stable and loving relationship.

For many couples that have been coping with infertility, in vitro fertilization or IVF treatment (the process by which eggs cells are removed from the ovaries, fertilized with male sperm outside the body, and then placed in the uterus) may be their only chance of conceiving and carrying their own biological child.

The world’s first IVF “test tube baby” was born in 1978, and the practice has since then brought joy into the lives of thousands of childless couples during the thirty years since it has been applied by the British researchers Steptoe & Edwards.

IVF can be a very costly procedure, with costs averaging in excess of $25,000 per complete procedure in the United States. Another drawback is that fertilization and subsequent pregnancy seldom holds at the first attempt - most couples undergoing IVF treatment typically undergo at least 2 more intervention before seeing success. As a result, the pressures can pose a tremendous financial and emotional burden on couples trying to conceive by means of IVF.

The success of IVF treatments greatly depends on the expertise of the staff and doctors of the clinic where the treatment is being performed.

Israel is internationally renowned for its impressive track record of IVF treatments with high success rates at considerably lower costs. With success rates well above the global average, the country has become a popular destination for thousands of couples looking to undergo IVF treatments.

Israel performs the highest number of IVF procedures per capita in the world, with approximately 20,000 procedures performed each year. 3,400 fertility treatments per million people are performed in Israel, significantly greater when compared to the 300 treatments per million in England. In addition, there are more fertility clinics in Israel per capita than in any other country, with 24 recognized fertility centers.

Family and parenthood are the foundation of the nation’s tradition and culture. This passion for children, has contributed to the country’s constant advancement in fertility treatments. Today, just about 5% of the births in Israel are a result of IVF, compared to 1% in England.

Asides from bringing the pleasure of parenthood into the lives of thousands of infertile couples, the IVF treatments in Israel can also assist couples where one or both parents is infected with certain hereditary diseases in having a healthy baby without transmitting the disease.

The Shemer Medical Center is at the forefront of performing successful and cost efficient IVF treatments in Israel. Shemer's patients are treated by the leading fertility specialists, at most advanced state-of-the-art facilities in country. Patients undergo initial testing to determine which treatment will be most effective on them and these treatments are then implemented.  In addition, the relaxing sense of being “on vacation” can also greatly reduce the anxiety and emotional pressures of the procedure.  Patients often take pleasure from sightseeing the many cultural and religious attractions, all within an atmosphere that combines the very ancient with the ultra high-tech.

To learn more about Shemer’s IVF treatments, click here: http://www.shemere.co.il/treatment.php?actions=show&id=19...

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About Shemer

The Shemer Medical Center has been a leading provider of medical tourism treatments in Israel for over 17 years. The institute’s ongoing relationship with all of the leading hospitals and physicians in Israel enables its patients to benefit from world-class treatments at a fraction of the cost, compared to treatment prices in Western European nations or in the United States. The personal and medical treatments available at the Shemer Medical Center make it a favorable option for receiving medical tourism services in Israel.

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