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June 24, 2009 - PRLog -- What constitutes a one-name icon? Using the following names: Santa Claus, John Lennon, Cher... as test names, apply the test method below:

Call up anyone and ask the following as a test:

1. What do you think of + (first name)
2. What do you think of + (CO last name)

It is a monumental achievement to be recognized by a single name, first or last. And testament to a monopoly if an individual "owns" a first name that is recognized worldwide. Santa being a great example. But Santa's last name is too common to stand on its own. Commonly spelled "Klaus" Klaus is the # 5681 ranked last name in the United States.

Try the phone test above with the phonetic name: "Lennon". Without the benefit of the printed word, the age of the person on the listening side of the phone being a big factor, a little bit of confusion may arise: "Lenin was a important historical. Two possible disparate answers:"Lenin was a important historical figure in Russian history..." Or: "He was my favorite Beatle!

Do you know who "Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre" It's Cher's real name, and a COR-endorsed first name CO Icon. Try Cher with the phone test above. The results should be pretty predictable. Last name, one name icon status is a high COR honor too, but still easier to achieve than first name one name icon status, simply because there are fewer people with the same last name. A good example is "Einstein". But sometimes as the test of time will have it, one name icons are partially stolen from their bearers: Do a search for "Aristotle", and the philosopher will rank highly, but more contemporary icon we all have come to know with the last name "Onassis" will show up on the first page of most search engines. "Kennedy" is a highly recognized last name that branded an entire family. At least they keep the competition in the family which seems appropriate for a family in politics.

"Ali" punched his way and talked his wayinto everyone's long term memory. The name "Armstrong" was probably originally derived in much the same way that "Big Foot" was derived his, anatomically speaking, but now is shared by a few very famous people, notably: "Lance", "Louis" and "Neil". "Beethoven" is Beethoven; as is "Bach" and "Motzart", "Brando", "Bogart" and "Napoleon". Some have achieved their fame through horrific deeds: "Capone" and "Hitler" come to mind. But like them or not "villian" are COR job opening as well. And depending upon what part of town you went to school in, infamous characters such as "Stalin","Castro" and "Mao" (I don't think too many people knew him as "Zedong".) take their title as heros or villains or hero/villans.  

Like Santa, there are other COs that have never shared the burdensome challenges of the material world. Pinocchio comes to mind: Problem to resolve: a hero to fight dishonesty. (COR hired him on the first interview.) And Scrooge (Like "Zerox" when the name transcends a proper noun status to become more: a verb, an adjective...) Scrooge was sent to us to fight greed and thanklessness. My friend Santa came about in much the same way. The foe: Selfishness. But do these fictitious characters deserve to be COs? The proverbial question in the mind of many a curious child: "Is Santa Real?" I struggled with for a while, since lying offends me, especially to a loved one and a child. But I no longer struggle with the answer since I provide this a more eloquent and inspired by the moment version of the following crude statement: If we learn something very important from someone, he or she is more real than a flesh and blood person who never gave so much to the world. That makes the answer easy and honest. I heard a rumor that "Harry Potter" is being called in for an COR interview.

Is a DO title a real appraisal of value? Evolution is effective because it works the same way COR works. No rapid changes, unlimited opportunities testing, acceptance and rejection, the entire planet having a say in what survives, what changes, what goes extinct. The system employs the entire planet and every life-form on it has a vote. That is exactly how core works and that is why the COR COs are so special!

So w naturally tend to maintain a reverence for this class of "Chosen Ones" that time has elevated to unique summit in our society. All this thinking came about in me as the result of a serendipitous event. I can identify with the character Tim Allen portrayed, (OK everybody, it's Tool Time!), when Santa fell off the roof and Tim walked over to help, he had no idea of just what was in store for him! And similarly, when my young son and I (He was home sick that day I believe and we were playing on the computer) purchased "" and"" in the 1996, I had no idea of what I was in store for. I felt guilty (I was raised a RomanCatholic.) keeping because I felt I was keeping it away from its rightful home. I let that domain name go and now FIFA has it and that makes sense. But a funny thing happened in months that followed my son and I setting up The letters to Santa started coming in. Letters were mostly predictable: "For Christmas I want..." or "Sometimes I wasn't good will I still get presents?" But, other times the letters surprised and moved me sometimes to the point of making me uncomfortable. Letters from parents AND kids: "I am too old to believe in you but my husband died in the war and please make the pain go away froour son this Christmas..." Or, don't give me any presents this year just bring peace to the world. Well the letters keep coming...

I have no illusions of granduer. I feel like "Keeper of the Flame". Santa is like Pinocchio. Santa's message and role model function are real and important. And it's by no means a DOT-COM type of role. Santa is not a store or a business. And DOT-NET feel like a much better fit for the name Santa. So a Mission Statement evolved for the site: Provide a positive spirit providing a non-denominational, spirit of giving and caring, fun to everyone with a cool dude named Santa as the host. (Not me by any means -- I haven't even been promoted to "Elf" yet!) Santa. That's the man, icon, name, pure and simple. A one of a kind job description with a COR-endorsed first name basis CO name. I believe that the Spirit that is given to us when our souls are born is the spirit that Santa keeps alive. It is non-denominational and it is unselfish and compassionate. With these qualities the world will be a better place for our children and their children to. Without these qualities, the world may not be any more real than Pinocchio in a few years! So thanks Santa. And Stay Real! Read more on my Santa story and other one name icons on

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