Return to Tubabao,NIKOLAI MASSENKOFF, "World celebrated singer..Olympic Stadium " singing here!

Nikolai Massenkoff " world celebrated singer" Korea Main Olympic Stadium, is ivited by the Mayor of Guiuan, E. Samar, to perform for Filipino people. He is returning to the Island of Tubabao, representing 8, 000 Russian Immigrants that lived there.
June 24, 2009 - PRLog -- Nikolai Massenkoff, as a 10 year old boy, was one of the White Russian Immigrants from Shanghai,  China, escaping Communism with the help of United States and United Nations they were transported to the small island of Tubabao, E. Samar, next to the city of Guiuan. The Russian Immigrants lived in tents using Army equipment from WWII, firld kitchen, toilets, tents, etc..various Consulates came to the island and withing two years, from 1949 to 1951were all the Russian Immigrants have migrated to various corners of the world. Nikolai went with the St. John of Shanghai Orphange to San Francisco, California, received his education in the San Francisco Public School. Completed a B.A. degree in Music, Voice, Drama. Speach and received a Teaching Credential. He though school, continued to study voice with teachers, that included, Tito Gobbi, Florence, Italy, George London, Vienna, Austria, Alexander Kipnis of Juliard School of Music, New York.
Nikolai was in the Fourth International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, representing United States. In 1975, Nikolai created The Massenoff Russian Folk Festival, Starring: Nikolai Massenkoff, " World celebrated singer..."  Korea, Mail Olympic Stadium were Nikolai, unofficially, represented Russia since South Korea did not have a diplomatic relationship at that time and there were not performing groups from Russia.
Internationally acclaimed, Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival presenting Russian Music, Song and Dance, had performed in : Carnegie Hall, New York, Epcot Center over 100 performances, Orlando, Florida, Jerry Lewis Telethon, Vegas, MGM Grand with liberace, Dinah  Shore. He has performed with Frank Sinatra, Tony Benner, Ray Charles, Julio Elgesias, Bob Hope, Robing Williams, Brooke Shields, etc... Massenkoff has performed and conducted major symphonies, including, San Francisco, Miami, Edmonton, Baltimore, Cincinatti Symphony Pops and many other, perfromed on German Television, Sudwestfunk, Baden, Baden, Germany. Massenkoff continues to be featured in performing arts series including recent performances for Community Concerts, in New Hampshire, Florida, Texas, Washington, Oregon States in 2009.
Nikolai was Laureate, and a guest of Moscow, Russia, in 2007, First International Russian Song Festival. Recently, Israel's helicon Records had honored Nikolai by including him on a Russian CD release that featured the best Russian artist of our Century.
Nikolai is making plans to return to Philippines, October 2009, and represent the 8,000 Russian Immigrants, singing for the People of Philippines as a thank you jesture of their hospitality in 1949, to 1951. He has been invited by the Mayor of Guiuan, E. Samar to perform in their Festival in October, 1,2,3, 2009.

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Nikolai Massenkoff, Director and Star of the Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival presenting music and dance of Russia is returning to the Philippines Islands that he left as a boy of 12 to immigrate to San Francisco with an orphanage of St. John of Shanghai.

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