What's Hot for summer- Sexy Designer Chaps!

Cheeky Chaps- Designer Chaps top the list in hot summer ASS-essories
By: Chris Sable
Cheeky Chaps
Cheeky Chaps
June 19, 2009 - PRLog -- Ok they have been around a long long time  cowboys, circa 1887, where wearing shotgun style chaps, sometimes called "Stovepipes," because the legs are straight and narrow.

Chaps are commonly worn by western riders at horse shows.

They are popular in the biker subculture, providing protection from the wind and cold as well as partial protection from cuts and scrapes in the event of a fall to the roadway.

Motorcycle chaps are also popular in the leather subculture, where they often are tightly fitted and worn without jeans or other garments layered beneath them other than a codpiece. Worn in this manner, they are colloquially referred to as "assless" chaps.

They are usually made of leather with the smooth side out, have side zippers to allow them to be put on easily.  Each leg is cut from a single piece of leather. Their fit is snug, wrapping completely around the leg.

The word chaps is a clip of chaparejos or chaparreras, which are Mexican Spanish words for this garment, ultimately derived from Spanish chaparro.

Ok enough history  already you get the point they have been with us a long time and finally  they take center stage as this summers hottest  ASS-essories to have.  

Cheeky Chaps™ started in 2008 by three girlfriends, Carolee, April, and Laura. The girls  made a few pair of chaps for themselves to wear as they bartending during Sturgis Bike Week. The chaps were a huge hit and everyone demanded to know where they got them so they too could wear these original colorful chaps.

April tells us "We knew that a new adventure was about to begin and that adventure would become known as "Cheeky Chaps™".

Carolee comments that "Our vision was to make every woman  feel as special as we do in our chaps. Designed by women, our chaps hug every curve and hide every flaw! We offer something for everyone, from the "girl next door" to the "one you can't take home to mom". There is a pair of Cheeky Chaps™ made just for you! We are bringing fashion to the old standard leather chap."

We asked Laura what types of chaps we could get and are they for men too?  She replyed-- "Men and women LOVE these chaps and as to the type- chaps are available in fur, lycra, pleather, in zebra stripes you name it we can make it. Check out our website to see what we what we offer and get yours http://www.cheekychapsca.com"

Now just how hot are these chaps, well after hanging out with Steven Tyler the girls named a pair after him.  We spotted Billy Lane, Russel Mitchell, and Cary Hart with the girls in there chaps; Lorenzo Lamas loves the chaps, and playboy model and easyrider gal Sazzy Varga just can not get enough of them.

At Cheeky Chaps™ the motto is "Cool Chaps for Hot Cheeks"!

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Designer Chaps
At Cheeky Chaps™ the motto is "Cool Chaps for Hot Cheeks"!

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