How To Build Your Own Windmill To Generate Electricity From The Wind

Find out how you can build your own windmill and generate your source of free usable electricity from the wind.
By: Andy O'Silliven
June 18, 2009 - PRLog -- Generally, a windmill is powered by the wind energy to generate usable electricity. It uses the air current to turn revolving blades. These revolving blades effectively turn wind power into usable energy such as electricity and, in earlier times, energy to pump water.

The windmills that we see today in the open fields are extremely high tech and made from expensive light weight composite materials. It doesn't need to be like this, it is still possible to build windmill for a relatively low price.

Here’s Some Instructions On How To Build Your Own Windmill:

When building a windmill, keep in mind that your objective is to maximize the conversion of wind power into mechanical power. In order to maximize wind power, you want a windmill that is high enough to reach above obstructions and take advantage of wind. In addition, you will need wind blades that will easily capture the stream of the wind. Most windmills in use are categorized as horizontal axis windmills, which have blades that rotate vertically.

Components of a Basic Windmill:

On a basic windmill there are several components including the base, tower, wind blades and nacelle (gearbox to facilitate blade movement)

The Windmill Blades:

The blades are very similar to the blades found on an airplane's propeller. The windmill uses these blades to capture wind energy. You can purchase wind blades or make them from light weight plastic or wood. The size of the base and tower will determine the size of your wind blades. For a basic windmill that stands 5 feet high, wind blades can usually be from one to three feet in length.

The Windmill Base:

The base of your windmill should be strong and relatively heavy compared to the rest of the structure. You can use concrete, a sandbag, etc. For a windmill that is five feet high, a base of about 18 inches square and about 20 pounds in weight should be sufficient.

The Windmill Tower

A windmill tower for a basic windmill that measures about 5 feet high can be made from a strong piece of 2 X 4, plastic PVC piping or other strong materials.

The Windmill Nacelle:
The nacelle would normally contain a gearbox. However for a basic windmill, you can use a simple shaft to connect all the windmill blades to the tower which will allow it to spin.

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Andy O Silliven is an engineer and author in the fields of electrical engineering. He enjoys writing about the topic and keeping up with current events and research in the area of renewable energy sources.
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