Debby Chaddick releases book of hope: A Spirituality of Hope, My Journey Through Pain and Grief

A Spirituality of Hope, My Journey Through Pain and Grief is the story of one individual’s journey through chronic pain and grief, and into discovery, hope and joy! (ISBN: 1-60610-201-X )
By: Debby Chaddick
June 11, 2009 - PRLog -- A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through Pain and Grief
An Interview with the author

Who are you, and why have you written
“A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey
Through Pain and Grief?

My name is Debby Chaddick. I am a wife, mother,
psychology teacher, and activist who was, as a Type A
personality, diagnosed with her first chronic illness or pain
condition nearly a decade ago. Since that time, I have been
diagnosed with two other chronic illnesses that are not, in my
case, curable. During this past decade I have been met with
some support, but also messages that contained either a
pre-judgment about me as an individual, or a shallow and
often erroneous message as I have worked to continue in the
career I love while re-defining my life.

Excerpt from A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through
Pain and Grief

Though I draw on the experiences of others, this little book is full of personal experiences. They are indeed very private stories of an individual’s search to find meaning in suffering.  The chapters [personal journal entries] are honest discourses on pain, fatigue, loneliness, anger against those who misjudge, and the spiritual freedom I am in the process of discovering.  (p. 20)

What is the purpose of your book?

Interestingly enough, we in America, and specifically within the Judeo-Christian culture are not often taught how to live in chronic pain. Superficial clichés are often all we are offered: Tough times don’t last, but tough people do; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Sometimes these clichés are spiritualized:  Maybe this is the only way God could get your attention (as if illness is a punishment from a vengeful Higher Power).

Excerpt from A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through Pain and Grief

Why hasn’t anyone ever said this to me before?  You have to speak out! People need to know this!  These are all reactions I have received when individually sharing the lessons and insights I have learned on my journey through the years of incurable illness and pain, and grief—the loss of my father-in-law to cancer. What I would have given to have someone share some of these thoughts with me along the way!  The past eight years of living in constant pain from an incurable condition have been quite a lonely journey.  Most people do not know how to respond to someone in pain, nor are we ever taught how to cope. Therefore we, who suffer, do so alone.  I want others to know they are not alone in their struggle. There are people who care, and there are insights that can lead to joy!

We will never heal—within our spirit, our emotions, and our psyche— until we move past…erroneous belief and seek Truth. Come with me now. Let’s journey together; for it is out of our hurt, we can help others heal. We may agree on some issues; we may disagree on others. Some of what I write might be helpful to you; some may not be of assistance. Regardless, I am a fellow traveler, willing to be transparent and authentic as I offer my journal entries.  I present my personal thoughts, my private journey, my fears and my hope. We will face the fear and learn to create and embrace hope together.” (p. 13)

I do not pretend to have all of the answers, but I certainly have a message for hurting people. “You are not alone!”  

Who is the main audience of your book?

Excerpt from A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through Pain and Grief

“If you are not a person who suffers with pain, loss, disappointment or sorrow, this book may not be for you.  This message is for those who have experienced all-encompassing grief, or who live with chronic illnesses. These words are meant for those who have found mind-numbing pain, and its twin—fatigue, their constant companions.  I am writing to those who have tried every medical “cure” there is, only to be greeted by disillusionment once again. (If you are not one of these people, you are welcome to observe.  I invite you to learn how you might offer aid to those who suffer.)  It is my prayer that you, who relate to these circumstances, feel embraced by one who suffers, yet remains determined to find joy. If we were honest, though, some days we would just settle for ‘normal’, wouldn’t we?
Our hearts cry out for a safe environment in which to simply be, a place where we can be real, where we can be honest. We need to be able to express not only our confusion and dismay, but also the joy at what we are learning. We need an environment of unconditional acceptance, for our discoveries of meaning and significance are molding us into a new creation—truly a lonely process, and frightening for all involved.  We are becoming authentic and need a place where we are received just as we are while on this passage. We need a place where we can try to make sense of this new journey and find meaning in our suffering. I honestly do not know a single soul that would not benefit from such a place in their lives. Can we find such a place?” (p. 17, 19)  

What is the primary message of A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through Pain and Grief

You [Reader] are loved. No matter what circumstances dictate, no matter what you’ve been told, you are loved right now, just the way you are. You do not need to be healthy or thin or one of the elite, nor do you need to be a particular gender or gender orientation; you do not need to belong to a particular denomination, nor a specific political party. You. Are. Loved. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, whatever you’ve neglected to do. Whatever gifts you have, or whatever talents in which you feel deficient. You. Are. Loved. Period! There are those who would tell you, you must accomplish this thing, or behave in that manner, before you are acceptable. There are others who would indicate, you are not lovable. It is a lie! You. Are. Loved. Just. As. You. Are.

Why did you feel it was necessary to write such a book? Though there are some marvelous examples of the Judeo-Christian ethos working for the good of others, i.e. feeding the hungry, cleaning up neighborhoods, etc. I have also listened to literally hundreds of hurting people who have been exposed to, or been disenfranchised by, negative messages, given intentionally or otherwise. There are many who have been hurt by a one-size-fits-all mentality, and when these people are unable to live up to the specifics of this program, they are discounted or discarded. This is not what Jesus taught. Though I have studied the world’s religions, and frankly, find much to be admired in all of them, I have chosen to follow the teachings of Jesus. I am not speaking of following the Evangelical Church in America, or of adopting a specific local church—though that is fine—I’m speaking of the teachings of Jesus. And his most important message was one of love, and grace. That’s what will lead to inner healing within a life of love and laughter!

Excerpt from A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through Pain and Grief--May I stand beside you in the search for significance in your own suffering? May I offer you a face devoid of masks, a heart full of love and compassion, and the encouragement of a personal cheerleader? My prayer is that you will discover and experience truth, significant meaning, and yes, even joy along the way!” (p.20)

Where can we find additional information on A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through Pain and Grief and how might it be purchased? Information on the book may be found at This book can be purchased through any bookstore, or from the publisher, Publish America at

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