Launches Smart Freelance Jobs Site That Provides Businesses With World's Top Brains

It takes more than brains to get freelance work but has a smart new site to help businesses outsourcing jobs select the highest IQ minds from the top Universities in the world. Green Technology at work - the site runs on BRAiNpower!
By: World1NET Corp. - BRAiNLance Communications Group
June 22, 2009 - PRLog -- Boston, MA  -- Alexander Gediman, son of a NASA Rocket Scientist, is launching - a new Freelance to Business Auction Web site with a double-helix twist.

What's the twist?  BRAiNLance utilizes a unique, proprietary, methodology involving a soon to be patent-pending human resource accessment formula that assures businesses and Project Managers that they will be selecting from a pool of freelance candidates that are "the best brains in the world".

Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Alexander says: "We are extremely pleased with the results of our private beta testing which has been tremendously successful and our team is very excited about this breakthrough that involves a complex formula that calculates experience, education, brain aptitude and a few other secret elements we cannot divulge."

"What is really amazing is how accurate the methodology has proven to be.  We're delighted to be releasing to the public because we think this will change the face of the freelance marketplace. "

"Our team is focused on Open Source and Green Technology.  We have built the entire organization with three things in mind - Make it Free, Make it Smart and Make it Work. Unlike many freelance sites today, at there are no monthly fees and no setup fees. Service purchasers (BUYERs) or a service providers (BRAiNs) can post a job or project in any category and any amount of categories."

"The timing is so right.  We think we can help students pay for their education, help families obtain a new or supplemental income, help businesses get back on their feet and help the planet save a lot of carbon footprints.  We call it our BRAiN Stimulus Package."

Alexander's father Lester helped design the guidance control and navigation system for the capsule that put the first man on the moon for NASA while at MIT's Instrumentation Laboratories.   "Both my father and my mother Claudia, quite a mathematician herself, both had a hand in developing the BRAiNLance secret recipe", Alexander proudly relates.

The new freelance marketplace site promises this fall to be filled with High Tech Buyers and High IQ Brains so now is the time to sign up and get yourself established before the summer heats up.


Dorothy Bentley, Director of Communications
World1NET Corporation / BRAiNLance
tel:  888-967-5316
fax: 888-500-0129

# # #, a subsidiary of World1NET Corporation, a Delaware corporation established in 1999, offers a full spectrum of services for the Freelance Job Outsource market. BRAiNLance is the world leader in Intelligence-to-Business Auctioning solutions.

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