Guaranteed Ways To Bring Your Ex Lover Back Into Your Life

This article is aimed at people who regret a broken relationship and who are looking for great information on how to get their ex back.
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Pull Your Ex Back
Pull Your Ex Back
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June 3, 2009 - PRLog -- Heal First

Many people are so heartbroken at their breakup that all they can think of is getting back with the person who has just dropped them. While this is a normal reaction, the worst thing you can do is to try and get straight back with the other person as if nothing has happened. Something has happened and you need to accept that fact and the way that it has made you feel. Don’t sit there trying to figure out what went wrong and thinking that you can fix it; things are never that simple. Before you do any of this you need to give yourself time to get over the shock of the breakup and to deal with your emotional hurt and pain.

When you have just lost your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, the last thing you need is to isolate yourself from other people. Try spending more time around people who care for you and who will support you at this time. When you have dealt with the initial pain you need to forgive your ex and forgive yourself for the part you may have played in the process. Try to do without your rose colored spectacles for now and look at what actually happened and what led up to it. The only way to ensure that you won’t go through this heartache again if you get your ex back, is to be as clear as you can on what went wrong in the first place. Learn to forgive both yourself and your ex for the part that you both played in the breakup – it is only through forgiveness that real healing can take place.

How Not to Get Your Lover Back

There are two things you should never do when you are trying to re-establish a relationship with your ex, don’t fight and don’t whine.

If you get angry and approach the other person in an argumentative tone it won’t work. You probably tried that before anyway, fighting just makes things worse and opens up old wounds. Don’t try to win the support of the other person’s friends, if their friends turn on them, it just makes the other person not want to be around you.

Don’t try to convince your ex to come back to you, either through logical argument, or by telling them how miserable your life is without them, they could see this as emotional blackmail. Love is based on feelings, not logic or persuasion. If your lover wants to go, then they will. The more you try to argue, beg or persuade, the more you further away you’ll push them and don’t ever try to make the other person feel guilty. When you do that you’ll just cause resentment.

All of this probably sounds really hopeless, if you can’t use any of the tactics that thwarted lovers resort to, then what can you do? Take a look below:

Breakups are reversible

Yes, breakups are reversible and you can get your lover back, but not by doing what you may have done before

The fact is that most breakups are reversible, but not by doing any of the above. If you do any of the things mentioned earlier you can pretty much guarantee that your relationship is doomed. However, there is a formula that is virtually one hundred percent successful in reversing relationship breakups. You need to read Ryan’s advice in Pull Your Ex Back

When you follow the formula laid out by Ryan you’ll soon have your beating a path back to your door.

You’ll find out how to take control of the situation when your lover says they are leaving you. You’ll learn to wish them the best, hope that they get someone as good as you, say goodbye and walk away.

Many people who have gone through relationship breakups and who wanted their ex lover back have taken Ryan’s advice, used his formula and reversed their breakup – what’s more they’ve done this without losing their dignity by fighting, whining or calling their ex.

You need to read what Ryan has to say, once you have his take on breakups and how to get back with your ex you will be ready for implementing the full formula. Just check his eBook for the winning formula in getting back your ex.

If you' ve recently lost a love one, and want to get back with your ex, then you must read what Ryan has to say today.

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