Cancer Survivor ... Looking For Work ... What To Do?

Bob Kennedy is a five time "chemotherapy" survivor. As a result, he's had to re-organize his life to create and find a different kind of work.
By: Bob Kennedy
May 29, 2009 - PRLog -- It's been 7 years since Bob Kennedy of Santa Rosa, CA was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgin's Lymphoma.  Since that time, the labels recurrent and low grade have been added ... which is good.  

The Dr's words Bob likes best are, "Not life threatening."

The question is, how about 5 chemo therapies and the "probability" that the lymphoma will once again recur?

What do you do for income when disability is just not enough?
What do you do if you still believe that regardless of the "inconveniences" there are
ways to succeed.

One of the things Bob has done is to organize himself around being able to function flexibly, from close to home.  His love of the internet comes in really handy at this point, because that's something he can do, conveniently, to as he says, "Achieve Positive Goals."

And, the internet keeps getting better.

Now, Bob has changed over his long time website to primarily video.
He produces video locally, can produce video on location or from existing video
clips and/or slides and he "broadcasts" other peoples videos which he embeds with their permission and the use of YouTube.

The end result he says is several television shows that communicate way better than "just words" and  have increased his web traffic tremendously.  One client, The Sonoma-Marin Fair has taken maximum advantage of what he can do by having him create 20 separate video players making up the "virtual fair."  There's the Cow Channel, The Chicken Channel, The All's Fair Channel, The Headliner's and several more.  As the fair's director says, you've got to visit the website,  you will NOT be bored.

The hardest thing I have to do, says Bob, is to find others who can take advantage
of what I do and, hopefully, pay just a little bit for it. You can do an amazing job today with the use of video to market your products, services and/or ideas ... and most people really don't know yet, just quite how well it works.

So what's the solution?  What should Bob Kennedy, SoCooLBob do to help recruit?
Why, create a video, of course.  

Like SoCooLBob himself, this video is unique.  It uses slides, a little bit of music, a little video and includea one famous athlete and a recent Celebrity Apprentice star.  How come? Well, he worked with one of them in the past and would really like to work for the other in the future. Besides, putting them in your content and "key words" adds to the audience.  That is one of the goals, right?

Check It Out!  Pass It On!

BTW - If you are looking for similar work and you can do, perhaps, an even better job than Bob, there could be a job in this video for YOU.  Check out ... "A Really Goode Job!"  It too is SoCooL!
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