Eileen Borgeson’s “Marilyn Monroe” HoloGram of historic photos which launched Playboy

The historic images of Marilyn Monroe by Tom Kelley have been brought to life by artist, Eileen Borgeson, collaborating with holographer Jeff Allen, in Eileen’s latest E-HoloGram Luminaires. One pose made history in the inaugural Playboy Magazine.
May 27, 2009 - PRLog -- Eileen Borgeson’s “Marilyn Monroe” E-HoloGram Commemorates Tom Kelley’s historic ‘Red Velvet’ photos of Marilyn 60 years ago.  

The historic images of Marilyn Monroe by Tom Kelley have been brought to life by artist, Eileen Borgeson, collaborating with holographer Jeff Allen, in Eileen’s latest E-HoloGram Luminaires.   One pose made history in the inaugural Playboy Magazine.

Eileen Borgeson incorporated dot matrix holography to offer a holographic luminescence to Marilyn, which changes her ‘mood’ in every different viewing environment.  Eileen ‘birthed’ her Marilyn from the many poses Tom photographed sixty years ago, May 27, 1949.  

Eileen has collaborated with Jeff Allen on ten E-HoloGrams using at least six different holography laboratories and techniques from pulsed laser to projected image hologrpahy.  Since 1971, Jeff has pioneered many of holography’s breakthroughs including embossed holography (used on credit cards and magazine covers) and instant holographic imagery.    

The technologically evolved “Marilyn Monroe” E-HoloGram Luminaires are reminiscent of Eileen’s Erte Luminaires.  While collaborating with Erte (AKA, the Father of Art Deco), Eileen ‘floated’ his images etched into crystal and illuminated.  She now ‘holographically illuminates’ her Marilyn with available or solar light.

Eileen and Jeff collaborated with Joe Formosa and Kizzie Suriel of Vacumet to create this latest HoloGram, for a magazine HoloCover edition version.  This ‘green’ patented technique hologram is recyclable.  Vacumet produced the holographic covers for both the Rolling Stone magazine and TV Guide.

The first two Vacumet Artist’s Proofs of Eileen’s Marilyn E-HoloGram are now at selected magazines for consideration for their cover commemorating the 60 year photo shoot. This would be a magazine industry first for a ‘fine art’ hologram to grace the cover of a major magazine.  Eileen’s last E-HoloGram was for A&E Magazine’s 20th anniversary cover last Feb. 2008 in which they incorporated her ‘bas-relief’ sculptural art into their design theme.

A blog of the evolution on Eileen’s Marilyn Monroe with images is found at: http://eartholographics.blogspot.com/

Eileen’s Marilyn E-HoloGram will be licensed under Eileen’s main Marilyn Monroe copyright. Eileen’s media representative, Carol Eisenrauch (who worked with Tom Kelley Sr.) introduced Eileen to his son, Tom Kelley Jr.  They ‘teamed’ their 1949 and 2009 copyrights and now offer art editions and licenses of Eileen’s ‘idealized versions‘ of his father’s historic Marilyn ‘Red Velvet’ series photographs taken May 27, 1949.

Sixty years ago Marilyn showed up at Tom Kelley’s studio to pay back the $5 he had, as a stranger, loaned her when she ran out of gas.  Sensing this could be her last $5 Tom offered her a modeling session right then and there for $50, which she accepted, and as they say…the rest is history.  

“A few photographs have gone beyond simply recording history and have actually played a role in shaping it.” -- Tim Hawkins (Former Playboy Photo Archivist (1987-1997), Past Chair Society of American Archivists Visual Materials Section (1998-1999)

Hugh Hefner (Quote from his Tribute to Marilyn in Playboy Magazine’s January 1987 issue)
“When Playboy published that Tom Kelley nude as our first Playmate of the month (though we called her Sweetheart of the Month in our initial issue), the future of both the actress and the publication seemed assured and were forever after interconnected.”

Quote from Playboy.com
“When Hugh Hefner purchased a nude calendar photo of rising star Marilyn Monroe in 1953, Playboy found its first centerfold and an empire was born.  In fact, Tom Kelley’s enduring portrait of young Marilyn on a red velvet background is among the most famous images of modern culture.”  --

About Eileen Borgeson (www.EileenBorgeson.com)
A consummate artist, Eileen Borgeson for 35 years has created magnificent and iconic works for the international fine art, architectural and recognition markets, honoring such greats as:  B.B. King, Elton John, Bob Hope, the Dalai Lama, Hugh Hefner, Ronald Reagan, Al Hirschfeld and Aerosmith.  Her collaborations with other artists and their estates have produced unique collections for Chuck Jones, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Maxfield Parrish, and seven years with Erté, AKA, the ‘Father of Art Deco.’

About Jeff Allen (www.Holographics.com)
Jeff Allen is a holography visionary who, since the early seventies, has pioneered many of holography’s innovations.  One such breakthrough is embossed holography which has since grown into a billion-dollar industry.  Its use is high in demand for credit cards, security applications, packaging accents, optics and impactive visual and artistic communications. Allen’s unique shows of holography, virtual reality, computer animation, 3-D television and animatronics have entertained and educated millions across the United States and Canada and include such clients as: AT&T, IBM, GE, Caesar’s Palace, Warner Bros. and Deutsche Telecom.  

Other E-HoloGrams by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen
1. 3-D White-light viewable Dichromate E-HoloGram of Eileen’s Muse of Creativity sculpture (Promax’s Muse Award.) by Joy and Dinesh Padiyar,
2. 120 degree moving image Multiplex of Eileen and her original Athena Sculpture (Given by the FAA and the X-Prize Foundation to the retiring head of the FAA, Pattie Smith and Featured on the cover of A&E Magazine) by Jason Sapan,
3. A flat 3-D multi-stereo movie from Liti Holographics of Eileen’s Muse of Creativity,
4. An embossed master of Eileen’s Muse of Excellence sculpture with a background view of a clouded Hawaiian sky by Warren Molee,
5. Two pulsed laser projected image transmission holograms by Ron Olson.  One of bronzed Athena and the other, the Orbital Muse sculpture (included in three space exploration awards and featured on the front page of the Honolulu Star Bulletin, and
6. Four E-HoloGrams in collaboration with Dick Reindl, Letterhead Press, including: “Virtual Adventurer” art edition, “Astroid” card, PromaxBDA “Earth Guardian Angels” Magazine insert and “Guardian Angels” A&E Magazine Covers.

Eileen’s Marilyn Monroe Fine Art Editions
Peter Sieg of Maalea Press in Hilo, Hawaii has scanned some of Eileen’s original drawings of Marilyn Monroe from the Tom Kelley Red Velvet session on his Cruse Fine Art Synchron Table 1.1GB Scanner (Resolution 570ppi, 48 Bit).  The same scanner used by the Louvre, Getty and Smithsonian.  Peter has created his precision digital artist proofs of Eileen’s Marilyn in preparation for publishing into the Fine Art Market through traditional galleries and E-on line Galleries.   A digital image from one of Peter’s Marilyn Artist Proofs was used for the E-HoloGram Luminaire of Marilyn Monroe.

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