Juko Kai International Makes History on Fox Sport Science and Proves Combat Ki In Demonstration

How does a Juko Kai martial arts master shock scientists by taking deadly strikes to the throat and testicles without injury and also make history having Fox Sport Science measure the results?
By: Juko Kai International
May 20, 2009 - PRLog -- On April 26, 2009 the hit show Fox Sport Science featured world-renowned martial arts master Rod Sacharnoski, founder of Juko Kai International, with a death-defying demonstration of Combat Ki™ techniques, including full-power strikes to the throat and testicles without injury.

True to their name, Fox Sport Science researched, measured, recorded and proved not only that this amazing art is 100% real, but that it continues to intrigue and stand alone in the category of extreme martial arts.

The demonstration included strikes and kicks to Juko Kai master Kirby Roy by American Gladiator Justice Smith, standing at 6’8” and nearly 300 lbs. The strikes were measured for the first time using special impact devices.  

The first strike measured was a knife hand strike to the throat. The blow measured in at 22mph and better than 600 lbs. of pressure per square inch.  This is equivalent to having Kirby lay on the floor and have someone drop a bowling ball directly on his throat from 9 feet. This powerful blow never fazed Kirby! In fact, when asked how he felt he simply stated that he was “thirsty”!  The Fox Sport Science team was amazed!

The featured strike was a full-power kick to the testicles. Justice first warmed up on a dummy equipped with measuring monitors.  He kicked the dummy with better than 1,000 lbs. of pressure per square inch. He kicked with the entire shin instead of the foot which made the kick extremely deadly. Remember that the human test dummy dropped to his knees in agony with just 68 pounds of pressure – the question begged, could Kirby really survive such a lethal kick, let alone stand there and smile as if nothing happened?

When Justice delivered the anticipated blow, it registered in at a world record of 1100 lbs. of pressure per square inch! Kirby Roy amazingly, survived the normally-lethal kick without any measurable physical changes – his heart rate remained constant at 85 beats per minute and absolutely no physical damage was observed by the science team.

Fox Sports Science applies scientific research, testing and measurements in exploring modern physical marvels like Combat Ki™; being struck with deadly force and not sustaining any injury.

Although hailed as “the most dangerous martial arts demonstration performed”, unlike more common American martial sports, Juko Kai International martial arts are used for self-defense purposes and personal development and are never used for competition or sport. All demonstrations are executed by professional masters of Juko Kai and Combat Ki™ and should never be attempted without proper training and certification.

Combat-Ki™ techniques are based upon internal energy breathing in conjunction with coordinated mind, body, and breath control. Combat-Ki™ is taught only to Juko-Kai members, and not the general public.  Special Combat-Ki courses for law enforcement and military personnel are available by appointment only. To be considered for membership visit http://www.jukokai.com for application details.

Juko Kai International was founded in the year of 1961 and is one of the oldest martial arts organizations in the United States. All Juko Kai martial arts and ways are Asian recognized and sponsored.

Rod Sacharnoski is one of the few non-Asians to have written Japanese recognition and sponsorship as a Soke Head-Founder. He is the recognized Soke Shodai (1st Generation Head Founder) of the Juko-ryu and Juko-Kai Nihon-ryu  style of martial arts. In addition, he developed and founded Combat-Ki™ andTai-Ki©, a Japanese-based exercise style that is similar to Chinese Tai Chi which is a gentle, controlled method of exercise performed in a slow, relaxed manner that has many benefits to health and well-being.

Rod Sacharnoski has also been featured on such shows as ABC’s Wide World of Sports, The Discovery Channel’s Way of the Warrior, The Learning Channel’s Ultimate 10 Martial Arts, Steve Harvey’s Big Time Show in Hollywood, Fit TV, You Asked For It, Seeing Is Believing, The Warrior Within, TBS Japan, Univision, and Fuji Television Japan.

For more information, please visit http://www.jukokai.com.
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