Fake ID - Tricks You Can Play With a Fake Identity

You can play many trick with Fake id or novelty identity cards. Checkout some of the tricks you can play here
By: myfakeid
May 18, 2009 - PRLog -- Fake ID's in many cases are not illegal and can be fun to use and play jokes with, as long as you don't use them illegally. If you were to copy an existing real driving license so that it was identical, this would be illegal. However, it is totally legal to own a novelty driving license that looks similar to the real thing. If you attempt to drive on this license then yes, you would be breaking the law. Fake ID's are legal to carry in your purse or wallet. Fake ID can be used to play jokes on your friends which can be hilarious.  Checkout http://www.myfakeid.co.uk/ for more tricks.

Here are some great ways to enjoy Fake Identification. You can use them to pretend your 21 when really your 40!, how great to be 21 again! It would save on all of those anti aging products. Fake ID's can be used as gifts, you could give one to a youngster so he could pretend to be a fireman or a policeman, his friends would be very jealous of his new occupation. You could give one for a girl saying she is a princess or a fairy, which would make her day. Or how about giving one to a friend for a special birthday 30th or 40th stating they 18 or 21, I am sure they would appreciate this gift, being able to pretend they are younger than they really are even if people don't believe them they will have proof. Our ID's can also be used for practical jokes; pretend you're a stripper or part of the MI5 to fool friends & family. The list is endless of the things you can do with them or pretend to be. Get a fake ID and all this will be possible.  http://www.myfakeid.co.uk/fake-id/fake-driving-license.aspx

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