Astral Projection Underground - An E-Book That Teaches You How To Start Astral Projection

An insight into the secret world of out of body experience. Astral Projection or out of body experiences (OBE) have always been shrouded in mystery.
By: Abhishek Agarwal
May 12, 2009 - PRLog -- An insight into the secret world of out of body experience. Astral Projection or out of body experiences (OBE) have always been shrouded in mystery. But now Astral Projection Underground, an e-book written by Abhishek Agarwal will help readers learn and unearth all the mystery regarding Astral Projection. You can read about the book at

Calcutta, India, 11th May 2009 -Astral projection or 'out of the body experiences' (OBE) is a phase when an individual's soul gets separated from his body and tries to observe the world from some other place and not from his body. Astral Projection can take place when a person is meditating, sleeping or in a deep state of trance.

Abhishek, an Indian had tried to study all aspects of Astral Projection, which has been practiced since ages in India. This ancient Indian art attracted Abhishek and for the last one and a half decade he has been doing various researches on OBE.

And many times, the information gathered during such astral traveling journeys have been verified once the subject is "awake".

Astral Projection Underground is a culmination of the hard work and dedication that Abhishek has put in for the last 15 years to unravel this mysterious art of separating the soul from the body at will.

“The very concept of leaving the body intrigued me and put me in awe! I was so fascinated by Astral Projection that I read everything I could find on this subject. I even visited various local libraries to get hold of any book on this topic. I got besotted about the topic and used to think about it day and night!” said Abhishek.

During the years of research, Abhishek has tried his best to master the art of Astral Projection and now his e-book has detailed lessons, which can help others to perform this art at will.

The book is available on his website and can be easily downloaded by paying a nominal charge.

Astral Project Underground, which has 350 pages, is divided into 2 Parts - A and B. Part A is the core book on Astral Projection that helps you to learn about OBE from scratch. Part A has 18 chapters and it covers the basics of Astral Projection, its benefits and techniques.

Part B comprises four appendices and helps you to enrich the knowledge and improve the understanding of this ancient art. It also has excerpts from individuals, who have experienced Astral Projection, in their real life and also contains links to over 500 sites, forums and blogs.

To have a glimpse of the book, one can download the first two chapters for free from the website by just typing the name and the email ID. The first two chapters of Astral Project Underground will be mailed to you without any charge.

The author will also give you a 100 percent money back guarantee if you don't like the book, but chances are minimal. And if you want, write back within 60 days of buying the product and you will get your money back. So don't wait, hurry-up and grab a copy of Astral Projection Underground immediately from the site and make a journey into the mysterious world of Astral projection. For more information log on to the website and take advantage of this limited offer today!

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