Author Of New Obesity Book Cracks Down On Oprah

DIE FAT OR GET TOUGH warns readers to stop deluding themselves about being fat. For the obesity epIdemic to end, people must take charge of their lives. Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold shows us thought differences between the fat and the fit.
By: Gove Siebold Group
Brand new no-holds-barred diet book can stop obesity dead in its tracks.

The book, “DIE FAT OR GET TOUGH – 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People” by Steve Siebold, is something Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley woiud benefit from studying.   A direct, in-your-face book, it comes with a warning: it’s not for the ultra-sensitive. It cuts through popular self-delusions about diet and exercise and explores healthy thinking and consciousness for an all-around prosperous life.

“When you’re tough enough to wipe out all your excuses when it comes to diet and exercise, and can cut through self-delusion, it’s doable − you’re on your way to solving the problem once and for all,” says Siebold. “I moved forward and wrote this book because people are suffering needlessly, getting sick and dying too young because they’re fat. This book has the power to change that, if the reader is tough enough to grow up and accept objective reality. People who reach and maintain a healthy weight have a certain mindset; it’s about taking full responsibility.”

Siebold added, “In my blog, I talk of Oprah, whom we all love. But, in my opinion, her advice last week to Kirstie Alley was dead wrong. She told Kirstie Alley, the now obese, former Jenny Craig spokes model/actress that she shouldn’t “set herself up” for failure by setting a goal date for her weight loss. I’ve never been so disappointed in a role model. And I LOVE Oprah! Here was one of the most influential women in the world offering advice in an area she’s failed at for years. It’s sad for her, but what about the 100 million impressionable young women she just told NOT to “set themselves up for failure by setting a goal date to aim for to be thin and healthy?”

Siebold interviewed hundreds of fit people and fat people over the past five years.  He noticed the extent of obesity all over the world, and agrees it is truly epidemic. He found huge differences in fit vs. fat thinking about diet and fitness. The book shows 101 ways fat people think that keeps them fat or in the yo-yo mode, and how anyone willing to learn the discipline and full compliance needed for a diet and exercise program can reach the success that fit people enjoy, including enhanced self esteem, great health, and even better jobs and salaries. The book does not include a diet or exercise program – you research and find the one that suits you. The book teaches you how to stick to your programs and ultimately maintain a healthy weight and fitness. The ebook is out now at, where five random chapters can also be seen free.The print soft cover edition of DIE FAT OR GET TOUGH will be out in July.

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About Gove-Siebold Group:
Steve Siebold, CSP, is a former professional tennis player and national coach. Siebold and partners have built two companies from the ground up into national concerns. Mr. Siebold is considered one of the fastest rising professional speakers and consultants in the United States and Europe, in the field of Mental Toughness Training for salespeople.
Siebold's articles appear regularly in various publications throughout the U.S. His column appeared monthly in Networking Times, an international industry trade magazine. Steve Siebold and Bill Gove, known in the speaking industry as the "father of public speaking" met in 1996, and became best friends and business partners and formed the Gove-Siebold Group. From 1996 to 2001, when Bill passed away, they shared stages around the world and spoke to over 30,000 people. Today, the company remains focused on helping people develop world-class performance skills to convert their dreams into reality.
Source:Gove Siebold Group
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