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While the economy is tanking and Americans are seeing their savings vanish right before their very eyes, one form of investment continues to produce ridiculously high returns on a consistent basis. Premium Domain Names are like online real estate.
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May 6, 2009 - PRLog -- FatLester.com is the first name in premium, single-word and keyword-rich domain names.

This up and coming company for Premium valuable Domain sales will start a weekly showcase for its thousands of valuable domain names.

The reason that domain names will remain a good investment even in these tough economic times is multi-fold. First, the trade of domain names is not bound to any single currency. You can register a domain name in U.S. dollars, and then turn it around and sell it in Euros or Yen or whatever currency you desire. Additionally, by investing in domain names you are not betting on the relative success or failure of a given company, group of companies or even an industry. An investment in domain names is an investment into business in general, and an investment into e-business in particular.

The outpouring of requests for new features at Fat Lester from our customers has been heard and we are pleased to announce some upcoming enhancements to FatLester.com:

In addition to our new template, we are adding a number of features  that will help keep you better informed about the domain name industry, as well as enhance your ability to obtain the best domains at the best prices.

The internet isn’t going away anytime soon, and highly brandable, easily recognizable domain names (particularly those commercial in nature) will only continue to increase in value. At some point the economy will recover. Regardless of how long it takes before that happens, your investment into domain names will remain as safe and secure as they day you registered them.

Another option is to target your investment strategy around what are known as premium domain names. These are names that typically are 1-2 words, contain keyword words and/or phrases in the domain, are easily recognizable and possess strong branding potential. Premium domain names typically will cost substantially more than a standard domain registration, but if the name is legitimately a premium domain, it should not only generate revenue but also be easy to sell should the need to do so arise.

To most, a domain name is simply a place to put a website. It is just something you have to have in today's digital business environment --- nothing more, nothing less.

What many business owners and top executives don't know is that there are many advantages to be had by companies owning large domain portfolios. Not just any domains, mind you - but domains that contain keywords related to a company's respective industry.

There are several reasons why this is the case:

1. An estimated 15% of internet users get where they are going by means of direct navigation. That is, they type in the word or term they are looking for directly into the url bar as opposed to using a search engine or directory. Businesses that own type-in domains related to their products or services reap the benefits of gaining first-access to these potential customers. For example, if you were to type-in diarrhea.com directly into your browser, you would be re-directed to Pepto Bismol's website.

2. More and more people are beginning to type-in domains with extensions other than .com. Many of these non-dot com domains are still available for registration. This trend should only continue into the future as the number of internet users increases, along with their knowledge and familiarity with the various domain extensions.

3. The domain industry is still in its infancy, and prices for quality domains in all extensions should only increase from this point into the indefinite future.

4. As with the Pepto Bismol example listed above, there is a certain level of prestige associated with having generic domain names forward directly to your company's main website. From the internet user's perspective, a company looks like an authority on a given subject when internet users find their site by typing generic words/phrases into a web browser.

5. There are far more businesses in the world than there are high-quality domain names. Once the business world catches on, what little quality real estate is still out there will disappear fast, as is already starting to happen.

The bottom line is this: if your company does not already have a stellar portfolio of domain names related to your industry or trade, you'd better get on the ball quickly, and get what you can before the competition beats you to the punch.

Along with FatLester.com http://www.FatLester.com, the company GoDotYourself http://www.GoDotYourself.com is a leader in all thing Domains, Web Hosting, Registrations, SSL Certificates, Web Hosting and Hosting Plans, and Email, Marketing, Website, and sophisticated Website Design services.

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Fat Lester Domains exists to provide quality, marketable domain names that contain all the characteristics necessary for long-term success. Fat Lester's domain names are chosen by an elite group of marketing experts that thoroughly evaluate each domain on all aspects of marketability. We certify that our domains are worth investing in based on their potential for long-term branding success.

One of the most important factors associated with e-commerce success is a website's ability to turn first-time visitors into regulars. This is equally true of all types of websites, from retail e-commerce stores to user-generated social media hotspots. Few factors are more important than a website's domain name when it comes to converting first-time users to repeat visitors. A catchy, marketable domain is an absolute must for any new website.
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